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What is ITOA, and how can it help you?

IT operations analytics involves collecting IT data from different sources, examining that data in a broader context, and proactively identifying problems in advance of their occurrence. With the right ITOA solution, you can detect patterns early to predict issues before they arise.

Extract insight from key operational data types, such as log files, performance metrics, events and trouble tickets, so you can:

  • Proactively avoid outages.
  • Achieve faster mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Realize cost savings through greater operational efficiency.

With ITOA, turn terabytes of big data from your IT operations into relevant and actionable insights for quicker problem solving and better service.

Why ITOA from IBM?

IT operations analytics offerings from IBM — together with IBM Watson® — continuously learn, anticipate and adjust, and recommend action unlike virtually any other ITOA solution in the marketplace.

Continuously learn

Machine learning capabilities of ITOA solutions from IBM can enable you to establish and maintain thresholds across your IT applications and resources.

These capabilities:

  • Learn behavior of applications and resources
  • Dynamically set and manage thresholds for monitoring data
  • Identify seasonal events

Yield these insights:

  • True understanding of normal activity across the enterprise
  • Relationships across applications and resources
  • Patterns of seasonal activity

To achieve these benefits:

  • Significant savings in operational costs
  • Improved staff efficiency
  • Better service assurance

Anticipate and adjust

ITOA solutions from IBM can detect emerging issues across services, proactively alerting and cognitively adjusting to changes.

These capabilities:

  • Detect anomalies
  • Consolidate anomalies
  • Correlate related metrics
  • Forecast

Yield these insights:

  • Metrics shown to be historically anomalous about the same time
  • Potential for service degradations

To achieve these benefits:

  • Proactive notification of service degradations
  • Intelligent problem prioritization
  • Improved staff efficiency

Recommend action

ITOA solutions from IBM can provide expert advice for taking corrective action and can offer greater service assurance.

These capabilities:

  • Process natural language processing and analyze text
  • Connect directly to IBM Support database

Yield these insights:

  • Most problematic areas across the environment
  • Pattern recognition across unstructured data
  • Recommended actions for repair

To achieve these benefits:

  • Significant reduction in mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Cost savings from improved staff efficiency

ITOA in the marketplace

Consolidated Communications prevents all major incidents

IBM [Operations] Analytics helped detect 100 percent of the major incidents that occurred, including silent failures, and helped us eliminate manual thresholds which will result in a cost avoidance of USD 300,000 annually.

Chris Smith, Director, Tools and Automation, Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.

ITOA solutions from IBM

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IBM Operations Analytics
Helps turn terabytes of big operational data into understandable and actionable insights for quicker problem solving and better service.

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IBM Operations Analytics for z Systems®
Speed problem resolution with search, visualization and analysis of operational data.

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IBM Bluemix® Monitoring and Analytics
Gain visibility into application performance, and get automatic problem notifications.

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