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IBM Cloud Managed Services

IBM Cloud Managed Services is a fully managed, highly secure IaaS cloud optimized for critical enterprise workloads.Web ERP, CRM and OLTP databases, including a range of SAP and Oracle applications. Cloud Managed Services offers SLAs with 99.9% virtual server uptime and many advantages of a private cloud—such as options for dedicated servers and storage—while providing flexible scaling and the benefits of cloud economics.

Flexible options and cloud services managed by IBM mean you can embrace the cloud with confidence.

The IBM Cloud Managed Services with AT&T NetBond option provides a pre-integrated network-enabled cloud, enhancing network performance and flexibility by extending an AT&T VPN into the IBM Cloud.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond

Built to handle large enterprise production workloads, this pre-integrated "cloud-within-the-network" infrastructure helps organizations enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of public cloud with many of the security advantages of a private cloud.

- Network and infrastructure are elastic and flex together.
- Network resource over- or under-provisioning is avoided.

IBM and AT&T Cloud within the network—video (00:02:34)

- Assets and applications are embedded in the same network.
- Direct integration reduces complexity for IT staff.

Highly Secure
- Integrated networking projects data traffic in transit.
- Risks from Internet-facing threats like DDOS are avoided.

With this fully managed service, you can worry less about security and focus more on how to use the cloud to transform the way you deliver services. Learn more about IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond today:

Pattern Expertise graphic IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond—data sheet (970KB)

AT&T and IBM Create Breakthrough Global Cloud Service for Businesses—press release Enterprise Grade Public Cloud: Have the Best of Both Worlds—webinar (00:52:50) AT&T and IBM’S Private Cloud Partnership: From Competition to Coopetition—white paper (689KB)

Using IBM Cloud Managed Services

Managed cloud infrastructure and services

For production workloads, dev/test and new opportunities

IBM Cloud Managed Services, previously known as SmartCloud Enterprise+, is specifically designed for running critical enterprise workloads (including Oracle and SAP applications), as well as managed enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure for critical web, mobile and social applications, dev and test, industry-specific solutions (electronics and transportation) and data center transformation.

Not all workloads are meant to run on commodity-based, share-everything infrastructure. With Cloud Managed Services you can confidently reap the benefits of cloud with:

“We needed to implement infrastructure that was secure and scalable, as efficiently and effectively as possible. IBM SCE+ has freed us to focus our time and resources on bringing our service to market.”

- Brian Mofford, Vice President, Drivewyze


Service level agreements (SLAs)

Our service-level packages consist of two components: virtual machine (VM) availability and infrastructure services. With four package options, you can choose the SLA that meets your specific business and usage needs. Each higher-level option includes the features of the lower options, making it simpler to scale up when needed.

Choice and control

Cloud management with flexible configuration options

Choose the compute, storage and network configurations that meet the capacity and performance requirements of your application workloads. We offer x86 and Power Systems operating systems, 32- and 64-bit configurations, and multiple pre-defined packages for compute power, memory and instance storage.


IBM and industry best practices

IBM brings its legacy of security experience to IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+, packaged in a set of security standards deployed around the world to help significantly reduce your risk and ensure consistency across your environment. This includes enhanced physical security, intrusion protection systems and vulnerability scanning, providing an auditable trail of your hardened virtual environment.

Optional IBM Security Services are available for vulnerability management, application security management, security event and log management, and intrusion detection and prevention.

Case study:
Transportation (Drivewyze)

Successfully eliminating costly IT infrastructure

In 2012 Drivewyze launched PreClear, a subscription-based SaaS service that uses in-vehicle displays and sounds to enable pre-registered commercial drivers to bypass time-consuming weigh stations. Drivewyze initially built and hosted its SaaS solution onsite. The company’s IT stretched to maintain the infrastructure while developing and managing the application. As the business grew, building out the infrastructure to scale with demand proved costly and inefficient, threatening to impede growth.

Drivewyze partnered with IBM and migrated its production environment to the SmartCloud Enterprise+ infrastructure. The security-rich, production-ready cloud environment offers Drivewyze complete control of its infrastructure, helping them to efficiently scale with demand and swiftly launch new products. And because IBM hosts data centers in both the United States and Canada, Drivewyze can manage where it stores sensitive government data for compliance.

“Choosing to partner with IBM was a fairly easy decision, and the advantage of leveraging IBM resources to help manage our infrastructure was a big deciding factor.”

- Brian Mofford, Vice President, Drivewyze

Case study:
Data center transformation (Panasonic)

Creating the Panasonic Global Workplace

Panasonic leveraged IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ to consolidate data centers and deliver cloud-based collaboration to bring efficiency and innovation to their business. They implemented multiple deployment models to reach their desired outcomes in a program they call the Panasonic Global Workplace.

Running SAP and Oracle environments

(and other ERP/CRM production workloads)

Confidently move critical enterprise applications to cloud

As business-critical SAP and Oracle environments proliferate, organizations are looking to improve service delivery speed and quality. Cloud-based solutions built upon Cloud Managed Services meet this need by delivering SAP and Oracle environments with fully managed, security-rich and scalable cloud infrastructures and processes, delivering:

Optimized with proven IBM best practices and supported by migration services and expert personnel, our SAP and Oracle cloud offerings combine Cloud Managed Services with standard processes and tools to deliver virtually unparalleled environment choice, control and flexibility.

IBM Cloud Managed Services for SAP Applications

This managed service offering provides SAP platform as a service on Cloud Managed Services for all SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Objects.

Lifecycle as a service (LCaaS)

Uses cloud technologies built on Cloud Managed Services to transform your SAP implementation end to end—from sandbox to production, available for SAP ECC, BW, Solution Manager and most SAP products.

IBM Cloud Managed Services for Oracle Applications

IBM Cloud Managed Services for Oracle Applications provides managed cloud services designed to deliver scalable, flexible, fast, reliable and highly secure Oracle environments (for a full range of leading Oracle applications).

Oracle applications supported include:

IBM LifeCycle-as-a-Service

LCaaS bundles consulting and technology services under a common umbrella. Starting with SmartCloud Enterprise+ fully managed IaaS and adding in  SAP Technical Support, Applications operations and database management, AMS capability in the form of SAP functional application support,you to create SAP instances as required in a single day from your own online images or from our catalog. IBM LCaaS is dependable, secure, cost effective and available for SAP ECC, BW, Solution Manager and most other common SAP products.

In addition LCaaS leverages  the tools, processes and proved expertise and experience from across IBM and marries it with SmartCloud.  This helps you optimize your SAP environments not just in the bluepint phase but throughout the Lifecycle

And results can be impressive

LCaaS bundles consulting and technology services under a common umbrella providing an 'Integrated Solution' for each client

LCaaS bundles consulting and technology services under a common umbrella providing an 'Integrated Solution' for each client

Managed cloud for web, mobile, social

Reach new digital channel opportunities

Cloud managed services provides flexible and quick-to-deploy cloud environments that help clients more effectively deploy and manage high-performance enterprise web sites and apps, including mobile and social applications.

Using the IBM Cloud Managed Services infrastructure and IBM expertise can help you securely and confidently enhance the performance, reliability and scalability of your web presence and your online and mobile applications. World-class cloud data centers on five continents enable a global reach, while IBM-backed SLAs guarantee response times, availability and operating systems—helping you to confidently realize the benefits of cloud.

Managed development and test

An end-to-end dev/test cloud solution for production workloads

With Cloud Managed Services' cloud infrastructure, IT teams can set up new application environments in days—versus weeks—as well as improve quality by reducing configuration errors. Because IBM manages the infrastructure, developers can focus on developing innovative applications and services to drive growth. Cloud Managed Services goes beyond most basic public IaaS with:

In addition to managing the infrastructure, IBM manages above the hypervisor from the OS to the application level with services for patch management, database management, security and end-to-end monitoring of applications. You can develop your new enterprise application, test it and then move it to production all on Cloud Managed Services for consistency and quality, eliminating the need for a second set of production testing.

Choosing a partner for enterprise cloud production workloads

Read how migrating production workloads to a managed cloud minimizes complexity and improves quality.

SmartCloud Service Delivery for Electronics

An on-ramp to innovation and transformation

The fully managed services of IBM Cloud Managed Services are ideal for many business-specific solutions, acting as an on-ramp to innovation and transformation. IBM Cloud Service Delivery for Electronics is a business solution that sits on top of SmartCloud Enterprise+. It is designed for electronic device manufacturers to quickly bring to market innovative services—like the global delivery of smart interactive services to TVs and other consumer devices, providing:

For example, TPVision quickly brought to market smart interactive services available to millions of TV viewers in more than 30 countries with a delivery platform and services portal powered by Cloud Managed Services, formerly SmartCloud Enterprise+.

“The choice for IBM was primarily based on the expertise and because we know that this was a...strategic move from our end. We know how to make good TVs that look great, but we need to have IBM’s expertise to run it in a way that it fits our consumers’ preferences.”

- Albert Mombarg, Head of Smart TV, TPVision

Read more

Press release: IBM Cloud to Deliver New Home Entertainment Services for Philips Smart TVs

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