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Don’t miss the Industry Zone: AI, APIs and IoT

If you know anything about cloud or cognitive computing, you know that every industry will be affected by these advances in technology. Either you’ll embrace them or you will fall behind. It’s time to take the lead. The Industry Zone will bring together experts on cloud in industries such as financial services, healthcare, retail and more to provide you a chance to experience cognitive first hand. Here is a sample of what you will find:

Cognitive and security

As the world becomes more connected, the threat of cybercrime looms large. How will you protect your organization? Witness a state of the art security operations center during an attempted cyberattack against a financial institution. This virtual reality experience will let you observe your own team of cyber professionals as they detect and combat an active attack against your payment infrastructure. Learn how groundbreaking developments such as Watson for Cyber Security and IBM QRadar combine to defend against this growing threat.

Healthcare and cloud

Cloud and cognitive technology have the potential to make sense of data and solve tough healthcare challenges. Learn how one company is providing media-delivered therapies that target age-related behavioral symptoms. SimpleC uses individualized, drug-free therapies to improve well-being and independence through research-based techniques.

If you’re passionate about healthcare, you’ll also have to catch the IBM demonstration on how Watson Health Platform will combine with cloud to enable new possibilities.

A look at the future of retail

There’s no denying that consumer behaviors are changing. Retailers must respond by finding new ways to understand and engage customers in this digital world. By combining data from your store’s devices with external data and cognitive analytics, Watson IOT can provide new methods to reduce costs, improve the store experience and generate new revenue. Learn how IBM recommends specific tasks and enables process automation to achieve these benefits. It’s time to bring the future of technology to your customers and staff.

Solutions for financial services

Learn how IBM is helping financial institutions increase client engagement and operational agility while reducing regulatory burden and addressing risk. See demonstrations on how factors such as IBM Bluemix, hybrid cloud, IBM Cloud Managed Services, security, IoT and cognitive can transform the financial services industry and help you find an edge.

Visit the Industry Zone. Be inspired and bring the latest thinking back to your organization.