We believe you can change the world.

At the IBM InterConnect DevZone, our developer lounge in the InterConnect Concourse, we will share our technical knowledge and guidance to help you create the next generation of apps and services that will change our lives and businesses. Here is what you can expect to explore in the InterConnect DevZone.

Ask Me Anything Expert Stations.

Come engage in deep, technical conversations with experts on all things developer.  Meet the architects behind the Watson IoT platform, delve into Server-side Swift development, and learn how to get started on BlueMix OpenWhisk. You ask the questions, they share the answers. Check out some of our highlighted Ask Me Anything Expert Stations.

Hello World Labs.

Discover first-hand how to work with Mobile, IoT, Watson services, and more with our 20-minute labs. We’ll provide you with a step-by-step script, a machine to code, and an expert onsite. Want to build your first Swift App? Develop a chatbot using the Watson Conversation service? Play around with OpenWhisk? Give us 20 minutes and we’ll teach you something new. Take a look at a few of our Hello World Labs.

Demos Demos Demos.

Fun, hands on demonstrations of IBM technology hours of the conference, these are live demos where you can come up and experience an IBM technology in a fun way. These are the most memorable part of the expo experience.

Can’t get enough of all things dev?

Attend the Open Technology Summit at InterConnect.  We are bringing together some of the brightest minds in the industry to provide a state of the union across open source communities.

Join us March 19
Seating is limited, so RSVP for this free event

IBM Watson Services on Bluemix

Understand and integrate the following Watson Services on Bluemix: Conversation Service, Natural Language Classifier, AlchemyAPI, Tone Analyzer, Speech to Text, Text to Speech, and Language Translator.

Bluemix Cloud-Native Development

What does it mean to develop for the cloud? Are you making applications with the right tools, processes, technologies, and culture needed to react to the agile world? How do you adapt to a polyglot programming model anchored in containers technology?

Server-Side Swift Development

Looking to learn more about Server-side Swift development? What's the business value and is it production ready?

Watson IoT Platform

Meet the architects offering team shaping the Watson IoT Platform. Explore your IoT ideas and discover how the platform can be used to build them.

Bluemix OpenWhisk

Learn how to get started on Bluemix OpenWhisk, IBM’s serverless cloud platform. What does it mean to be serverless? How do I create my first OpenWhisk application? How can I debug my serverless app? We will tell you how to deploy and secure serverless apps.


Want to know how a Blockchain network operates, what makes it unique, and how IBM is helping to advance the technology? Come learn about networks, nodes and ledgers, and answer questions from beginners and experts alike on this transaction tracking technology.

Build a Cognitive App in Less than 20 Minutes

Build a Bluemix app powered by Watson in 15 minutes. You will use Node-RED and Watson Node.js to create a simple application. This application can be the starting point for your app.

Bluemix Fundamentals and Sample Chatbot Using Watson Conversation

Deploy a simple web app using the WebSphere Liberty for Java runtime. You'll also have a chance to develop a sample chatbot using the Watson Conversation service while getting an overview of the Bluemix console and basic entities.

Using IBM Blockchain for Hyperledger Fabric

Spin up and run new networks rapidly with a few clicks on IBM’s new application development framework. Protect your assets with the highest industry security certifications, encrypt everything without changing anything, and stop insider threats to prevent unauthorized access with exclusive Secure Service Container technology.

Build Your First Swift App on IBM Bluemix

Build a Swift back-end for front-end service, query a database, and build a service with Watson APIs while we serve you an Espresso!

Create Quick Twitterbots with OpenWhisk

Create your own Twitterbot with OpenWhisk. In 20 minutes you can create a simple function with OpenWhisk to set up a Twitterbot that tweets random phrases from a text file on a set cadence.

Demos, Demos, Demos

Experience the excitement behind IBM technology with our interactive demonstrations. Come grab a cognitive brew or two, immerse yourself in Watson VR, play a game of PointSource IoT Foosball, with much more in store. You don’t want to miss out - trust us.