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I need visibility into the performance of my infrastructure and apps wherever they run.

You need choice and flexibility to run apps and services across on-premises systems and the cloud. You need to understand the performance of those apps—regardless of where they run—so you can make rapid and intelligent data-driven decisions to resolve problems before they impact your business and your brand.

Application performance products

Learn about IBM Application Performance Management.

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Getting started

Hybrid cloud application management

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Step 1

Step 1Get complete visibility and control with performance management.
Use IBM Application Performance Management (APM) for complete visibility and control of your infrastructure and application environment. APM allows you to identify bottlenecks and quickly get to the root cause of problems across any environment. Learn more about IBM Performance Management.

Step 2

Step 2Add analytics to get deeper insights.
With the introduction of highly dynamic cloud-based applications, the task of isolating and solving performance management problems has become much more challenging. Analytics can help organizations identify problems early and solve problems before they become critical.

Read more about solving performance management problems with analytics.

Step 3

Step 3Make your IT operations team proactive and responsive.
Integration of performance management alerts and events into your IT operations console makes your first-line operations team responsive, proactive and in control of the service you deliver to your business and customers. To learn more watch this video.