IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud: Open by Design

IBM Cloud: Open by Design

IBM Cloud: Open by Design

Don’t build a dead-end cloud. Work with IBM as your trusted partner and reap the rewards of an open cloud approach:

Leading OpenStack

openstackIBM is a founding member and platinum sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation, making significant contributions in developing a ubiquitous, massively scalable open source IaaS platform. IBM supports OpenStack from the Board of Directors down to deep coding. OpenStack is the foundation for IBM IaaS offerings including IBM Cloud Orchestrator, IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack and IBM Cloud OpenStack Services.

Resources for OpenStack

OpenStack Conversations led by IBM

OpenStack User Case Studies

Spearheading Cloud Foundry

Cloud FoundryIBM is a founding and platinum sponsor of the Cloud Foundry Foundation to ensure that the platform addresses critical developer requirements and to help build a strong ecosystem. IBM sees Cloud Foundry as a logical next step—building on top of OpenStack—for our customers to accelerate their transition to cloud. The Cloud Foundry platform will be the foundation for IBM PaaS offerings, in particular IBM Bluemix, that facilitate development of born-on-the-cloud applications that leverage analytics, mobile and integration technologies.

Resources for Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry Conversations led by IBM

Cloud Foundry: A Platform for the People (00:21:20)

Committed to Docker

DockerOn June 10, 2014, IBM announced (US) that it is working on an open integration model with Docker and the open source Docker project community. Docker provides a more flexible way to build, scale and deploy applications, reducing the time and expense of cloud computing. Docker Hub will be hosted on SoftLayer to provide companies with greater ease of use and maintenance. IBM is offering a certified Docker image of the cloud optimized WebSphere Liberty Profile Application Server to provide companies with greater performance and flexibility.

Founding member of Cloud Standards Customer Council

Cloud Standards Customer CouncilIBM is a founding member of the CSCC—the premier end-user advocacy group for cloud standards, interoperability and best practices. With over 500 members, the group works with cloud standards organizations to ensure real customer issues are addressed. Check out the complete library of CSCC publications with best practices and specific guidance on critical areas of cloud computing. Inject your voice by becoming a member today!