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You’ve heard it all before. The pace of change continues to accelerate. Competition is fiercer than ever. You must innovate fast to remain a leader, or the competition will eat your lunch.
You need to roll out new services with a lightning-fast model—not with yesterday's slow-as-molasses methods—or you'll be a dinosaur and you know it. Innovate fast with more than 80 ready-to-run enterprise-grade software-as-a-service applications from IBM, all with the security, availability and elasticity you can count on to:

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Combine analytics and digital marketing

Your digital marketing toolbox is pretty full. You use CRM, web analytics and email marketing. But you need to improve your supply chain integration, and co-ordinating all the different tools is a burden.

That's why IBM introduced what some call the Swiss Army Knife of e-commerce, IBM Marketing Centre. This cloud-based, all-in-one solution combines digital marketing analytics, A/B testing, email marketing, site personalisation and more—all in one intuitive real-time application.

IBM Marketing Centre (US) Enterprise marketing management (US)

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Transform value chains and customer experiences

Clichés are clichés for a reason. The customer is always right. And in today's connected world of social, mobile and cloud, your ability to know your customer is entirely dependant on your tools.

IBM Smarter Commerce solutions help you gain insights about your customer and deliver on their needs in the emerging venues they prefer. Redefine your value chain with solutions that help you buy, market, sell and service in the age of the Chief Executive Customer.

IBM SmartCloud for Smarter Commerce

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Collaborate across the enterprise with social

The ways individuals and communities interact, form relationships, make decisions, accomplish work and purchase goods are changing how business is done. A social business embraces and cultivates a spirit of collaboration and community—internally and externally—delivering unprecedented return for the investment.

Pair IBM SmartCloud for Social Business with a work culture of open collaboration and you have the perfect recipe for an innovative 21st century business.

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business (US)

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