IBM Cloud computing

Cloud computing built upon
a common platform and open standards

Based on a foundation of open standards and interoperable technologies, IBM has built cloud solutions for every stage of cloud deployment, enabling speed and agility within clients' own infrastructures.

With all our cloud technology built on top of a common open-standards based architecture, you get flexibility and choice in how you build and deliver cloud services. You'll also get greater confidence that things will work together across heterogeneous environments, as well as a technology foundation that enables a true hybrid approach to power your initiatives around mobile, social and big data.

Key IBM cloud technology differentiators

A foundation for private cloud and hybrid cloud deployment

As you look at how to optimise your existing infrastructure—while also establishing a flexible IT environment to engage your customers in new and innovative ways—IBM has proven solutions for an evolved cloud-enabled data centre.

Transition to private cloud quickly and affordably

Transition to private cloud quickly and affordably

The easy, simple path to private cloud So you're looking for a fast and affordable way to start the transition to a private cloud, or you are continuing to evolve your existing data centre into a highly automated and agile environment. With IBM you have choice—from IBM SmartCloud Entry, an integrated cloud software stack that runs on IBM System x, Power and PureFlex, to IBM PureSystems, an expert integrated system providing the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. Whatever your needs, IBM has the easiest, simplest and most cost effective path to private cloud. IBM SmartCloud Entry for Flex System IBM SmartCloud Entry for Power Systems IBM SmartCloud Entry for System x IBM PureSystems

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Accelerate software delivery with DevOps

Accelerate software delivery with DevOps

Eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate collaboration To err is human, but as any great IT operations manager will tell you, not in my code. Whether you are an operations manager or developer, fewer errors, faster deployment times and lower cost are all huge benefits when considering software delivery. By using cloud to invigorate DevOps, your business can eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate the collaboration between development and operations. IBM will bring the tools, you bring the code. IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management

“This automation
cut our DevOps acceptance tests
from 4-14 days
to just 3 hours.“
Tung Diep,
Program Director,
IBM China Development Lab
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Build a cloud enabled global storage system

Build a cloud enabled global storage system

Extend your storage to the cloud and save—like IBM As data volumes increase, rising storage costs threaten to choke new investments. It is imperative to improve your storage efficiency with an evolutionary approach, not a rip and replace. IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center is a storage virtualisation platform combined with intelligent storage management. It helps you quickly migrate to an agile, cloud-based, service-oriented storage environment that enables ample data growth with less complexity. It also extends the useful life of, and improves the ROI of, your existing storage systems. IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center

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Optimise your virtualised infrastructure

Optimise your virtualised infrastructure

Optimise cloud delivery Are your business priorities driving your IT infrastructure, accelerating the delivery of high-value projects to meet the demands of customers? If so, you need your users to be able to self-provision IT resources as appropriate. You need to provide world-class computing power where and when it's needed. IBM virtualisation and cloud delivery optimisation solutions put business and IT users in control to dynamically drive resource delivery. This can help ensure that resources are delivered in the most timely and efficient manner. Virtualisation Management IBM SmartCloud Monitoring IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments (US) IBM SmartCloud Cost Management SmartCloud Patch Management (US)

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