VMware on IBM Cloud: Secure virtualization, with you in control

Explore how to extend your onsite workloads to the IBM Cloud. In hours, not weeks.


Cloud and Virtualisation – a marriage made in heaven for Financial Services

Choose VMware on IBM Cloud to beat these challenges

1. Disaster Recovery and Backup

2. Data Center Consolidation

3. Capacity Expansion

4. Security and Compliance

Which hybrid cloud solution is right for you?

VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud

  • Hosted Private Cloud -complete VMware SDDC with software lifecycle management
  • Secure, single-tenant IBM Cloud bare metal infrastructure
  • Automated deployment in the cloud accelerates the delivery of IT projects
  • Centralized view and management of multi-site deployments
  • Easily manage workloads using VMware products and vSphere compatible tooling

VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud

  • Hosted private cloud with easy-to-manage logical firewall powered by NSX, dedicated IBM Cloud bare metal servers and shared storage with data encryption at rest
  • Accelerate the delivery of IT projects by reducing the time it takes for deployment of resources from weeks to hours
  • Easily manage workloads in the cloud using existing familiar vSphere-compatible tooling

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization

  • Automated VMware on IBM Cloud
  • Intel TXT Technology for hardware geo-fencing
  • HyTrust DataControl & CloudControl for compliance and data security
  • Removes the largest barrier to adopting cloud for critical workloads - security
  • Meet GDPR requirements & avoid 4% penalty
  • Protect workloads down to the microchip/hardware level to meet data sovereignty concerns

Zerto On IBM Cloud

  • Single click deployment from the IBM Cloud for VMware portal
  • Deployed on a VMware Cloud Foundation or vCenter Server for IBM Cloud environment
  • Choose how to size your disaster recovery environment - exact replica or over-provisioned for cost efficiency
  • Flexible RPO & RTO options

VMware & IBM Cloud transform the guest experience at Marriott

“Now we can flex the consumption of resources in the public cloud without compromising on risk, compliance or security. It removes the excuse for not using public cloud and gives us a competitive advantage.”

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Robert Stevens

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