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DevOps methodologies

Deliver innovative new applications faster and at less cost with just the right features. When you adopt DevOps methodologies and create a culture of innovation and agility, you can iterate and pivot in response to the market.

IBM methodologies combine industry best practices on design thinking, lean startup, agile development, DevOps and cloud to build and deliver innovative new applications. Comprising IBM Cloud® Garage Method and support for the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) from Scaled Agile, Inc., IBM methodologies enable transformation at scale for your organisation.


The IBM Cloud Garage Method, illustrated

DevOps performed at enterprise scale, with agile

Harness the success of agile teams and apply lean thinking across your organisation.

Scale DevOps, using the IBM Cloud Garage Method

Scale DevOps, using the IBM Cloud Garage Method

The IBM Cloud Garage Method integrates practices and methodologies fostered in collaborative, creative environments of the IBM Cloud Garage to help enterprise organisations accelerate all phases of application design, development and delivery—from identification of feature priorities to deployment and iteration.

Delivered as a digital experience and a library of assets, the IBM Cloud Garage Method includes tracks that represent guided paths through the practices, toolchains and tools that are used to develop a solution.

Enterprise-scaled agile framework

Enterprise-scaled agile framework

SAFe is the market-leading process framework for scaling Lean and agile across the enterprise, providing guidance and best practices to help organisations realise success. IBM DevOps, combined with SAFe, provides a comprehensive process and tooling framework to enable an optimised end-to-end lifecycle that synchronises teams and helps all roles in the organisation collaborate in the planning and execution of software delivery. The result is a solution that can support enterprises of all sizes in addressing their critical business imperatives.

IBM transforms its DevOps, using the “garage” method

The garage method is IBM’s way of scaling DevOps with the speed and innovation of a startup, but meeting the enterprise demands for scale, complexity and quality. The garage method is used at IBM as part of IBM’s own DevOps transformation.

—Chris Lazzaro, Lead Architect, IBM Cloud Garage Method

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