Quickly create, connect and optimise applications on premises and on the cloud

Flexible application servers for any environment, whether on premises or on a public, private or hybrid cloud

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Create new and connect existing Java apps to mobile, web and IoT apps with an application server

Worldwide application server market to continue to grow

$23billion by 2020*

* “Application Server Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020,” Wintergreen Research, Inc., 2014.

Many disruptive forces are at work these days, challenging your business to think and act more like startups. You need to personalise customer experiences, open access to information, derive real-time insights from increasingly diverse data sources and deliver services—all at cloud speed.

Application servers must enable your business to quickly create and deliver new cloud-native applications and microservices and connect existing applications to mobile, web and Internet of Things (IoT) apps with application programming interfaces (APIs). In the new era of microservices, application servers must deliver flexibility, reliability and performance across any environment, without sacrificing security and cost benefits.

Application server

IBM application servers offer significant benefits, whether you choose an on-premises solution or off-premises cloud capabilities in a single-tenant or multi-tenant configuration.

Boost developer productivity

Increase developer productivity with lightweight, composable runtimes, featuring open standards and broad programming models. Speed time to market by seamlessly managing Java™ and Node.js apps and APIs through a single administrative console.

Create, connect and optimise

Quickly create and deploy cloud-native and web-based applications, microservices and APIs. Easily connect existing Java applications to the cloud to unlock new value with API lifecycle management and cloud services, including IBM Watson™. Optimise your application infrastructure by moving existing on-premises Java applications, unchanged, to the cloud within minutes to take advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing to reduce costs.

Improve security and control

Gain peace of mind provided by advanced security features. Use integrated management and administrative tools to support authentication, single sign-on and other critical security measures. Enable automatic resource management, filter records, audit configuration changes and track the unique identities of requests.

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