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Introduction to cloud computing

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What is cloud computing?

See a basic definition as well as descriptions of the various service and deployment models.

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Benefits of cloud computing

Understand how cloud computing can be of benefit to your organisation.

IaaS vs. SaaS vs. PaaS

IaaS vs. SaaS vs. PaaS

Dive deeper with definitions on the primary cloud service models.

Cloud platform

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What is cloud hosting?

See a definition and the benefits of cloud hosting for accelerating deployment and reducing costs.

Cloud infrastructure

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What is cloud storage?

Understand the types of cloud storage and how they can help with data accessibility.

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What is object storage?

Explore this hierarchy-free method for storing data and its advantages.

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What is a cloud database?

Read about the basics of a cloud database and how it can offer greater flexibility.

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What is a cloud server?

Understand the definition of a cloud server and its benefits.

Cloud use cases

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What is mobile cloud computing?

Understand the advantages of mobile cloud computing as a tool to deliver apps.

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What is video streaming?

Explore this method and its benefits for distributing video using cloud technology.

Cloud models

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What is hybrid cloud?

Understand the components of a hybrid cloud model.

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What is private cloud?

Explore private cloud options for supporting business innovation.

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What is DevOps?

Read about this collaborative approach between lines of business, development and IT.


Middleware provides an enabling layer and the enterprise integration needed to connect systems of engagement with existing systems of record, so that you can tap into, understand and leverage an abundance of data.

Discover, learn and explore how the IBM middleware portfolio supports your digital transformation to cloud.

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