Communications service providers need to capitalize on the disruption in the industry to generate new revenue streams. Find out how.


Learn how the shift to video as consumers' preferred form of content impacts the telecom industry and what's needed to take advantage of the opportunity.

Re-energize your customer relationships with innovative telecom services on cloud

Whether you want to sell cloud services to your clients or use services to enhance your own business, trust IBM as your single vendor for comprehensive telecom cloud solutions. Our portfolio includes a robust application development platform running on a powerful, global cloud infrastructure. On top of this foundation, you can easily integrate our collection of analytics, cognitive, Internet of Things (IoT) and video services to build innovative offerings for a competitive edge.

Remain essential with a telecom infrastructure on cloud

Stand out with differentiating services

Stand out

Distinguish yourself with groundbreaking services and consistent, seamless delivery.

Be more competitive using modern technology


Generate new sources of revenue using video services at scale, IoT and mobile technologies.

Tailor customer experiences using cognitive insights


Transform customer relationships with tailored experiences powered by cognitive insights.

How can cloud help you tackle today's telecom challenges?

Profile image of CSP who wants to partner with a cloud service provider

“I need a cloud partner with global reach and enhanced services to add competitive value to my own offerings.”

Host solutions on a high-performing, rapidly scalable cloud infrastructure with more than 45 global data centers.

Easily integrate game-changing services such as cognitive, analytics, mobile and IoT into innovative new apps.

Offer web-scale hybrid cloud storage with exabyte capacity.

Access a globally scalable cloud video platform that supports multiscreen video prep and delivery, content management and data-driven user experiences.

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“I need to gain speed and flexibility within my own IT operations while delivering innovative new services.”

Leverage a global, hybrid cloud infrastructure to accelerate adoption of new business models.

Power and personalize new apps and services by easily integrating analytics, cognitive and IoT APIs.

Gain fast and agile development of applications on an open platform with integrated DevOps capabilities.

Incorporate an industry-leading video platform for high-quality live and on-demand content streaming, enhanced with cognitive insights into viewer behaviors and habits.

VoIPstudio grows business up to 7% with an IBM Watson™ Speech to Text solution

This leading business VoIP provider gains customers with its ability to rapidly provide voicemail transcripts in multiple languages at no charge.

Customer story

We chose IBM Watson because of the quality of the actual voice-to-text conversion and how well it integrates with our systems.

— Chris Maciejewski

Founder and Technical Director, VoIPstudio

Featured services for telecom cloud solutions


Host and distribute OTT and other content on a rapidly scalable, global infrastructure with high-bandwidth network connectivity.

IBM Bluemix®

Quickly develop and deliver apps on a platform with hybrid deployment models and integrated cognitive, analytics and IoT services that help you understand consumer behaviors and needs.


Integrate video into apps for all devices, stream live or on demand, transfer and store large files globally—and integrate analytics for a 360-degree view of consumers.

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