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What's new

New capabilities on IBM Cloud

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December 2016


November 2016

November 2016


October 2016

October 2016


September 2016

September 2016


August 2016

August 2016


Drag and drop multiple files and folders


Nest folders using the Connections Plug-in for Notes


New button is easier to locate - The New button is at the top of navigation pane where it can be more easily found.


Use Desktop plug-ins in a federated environment


Help and Account Settings menus have changed places



Mail Signature has a new home


Mail signature has moved to Mail and Calendar Settings.


Filter the offline message list by attachments


Find attachments fast.


IBM mail sync for Microsoft Outlook now available with IBM Verse / SmartCloud Notes

The new MS Outlook Access subscription lets you access your mail with Microsoft Outlook.

Mail features


Calendar features


Contacts features



API rate-limiting framework


Limit file size and access


SSO support for on-premises Microsoft AD FS


Set up a smart host to ease moving to the cloud


Evaluate SmartCloud Notes mail using production mail files


June 2016 Update

June 2016 Update


Verse: New what's new and guided tours


Verse: IBM Client Application Access update


Verse: Chat using the Sametime Connect Client



Confirmation message before exiting file upload


View more file types


New button is easier to locate


New button is easier to locate - The New button is at the top of navigation pane where it can be more easily found.


Drag and drop files and folders


Drag and drop files and folders



Copy formatting with the rich text editor


Make status updates to the cloud from Notes


    Make status updates to the cloud from Notes - Post a message from notes about what you're working on. Updates make your work visible to others.


    Outlook users can now add messages to cloud


    Communities: Ideation Blogs no longer need URL handles


    Communities: Setting up the Gallery change


    Show business value with new metric report on most active Files Libraries


    "Open this item" in email notication now with Permalink accuracy



    IBM Docs: Enhancements



    Full Chrome support on Mac OSX for Meetings


    Go to the next meeting smoothly


    Participant list is now the default view

      Participant list is now the default view  

    Meetings (New) has a name change


    Upload Notes ID files with the ID Vault API


    Organization metrics to measure use

      Track how users, including Connections Cloud in your organization.

June 2016

June 2016


Filter messages to show unread when offline


Filter messages to show unread when offline

Change the width of the message list


Change the width of the message list

Mail and calendar settings


New streamlined message list


New streamlined message list

Never miss a meeting with calendar alarms


Never miss a meeting with calendar alarms

IBM Service Request (SR) - Create your support tickets online for faster response!

Key benefits of using the online SR tool:

Real time service request management

Maintain a user profile

Managing your Service Requests using either the SR Tool or the IBM Technical Support App (SR Viewer)


Note: Using our electronic tools will only change the method of opening and/or updating an IBM Service Request; not how IBM responds to your request


IBM Technical Support Mobile App - Service Request View

Example of a Service Request viewed on the IBM Technical Support App:

Example of a Service Request viewed on the IBM Technical Support App

For further information about the IBM Service Request tool please reference one of the links below:

May 2016

May 2016




People Participation Content View all metrics

Change the width of the message list


Mail and calendar settings


New streamlined message list


Never miss a meeting with calendar alarms


Get more space to read and compose messages. Verse now optimizes itself to fit available screen sizes.

Allow user to change the width of the message list

Connections Docs

New features in Documents and Spreadsheets editors

SmartCloud Notes

Remove lateral bars from replies


You can now turn off lateral bars in replies.

Desktop Plugins

Upload files up to 2 GB

More options when saving files

Enhancements within Mac Finder


Filter attachments on Internet mail


Email Filters Administrators can now prevent or allow specific types of attachments on Internet mail.

March 2016

March 2016


Connections: Real-time alerts focus your attention

Connections: Easier access to critical companion applications

Connections Mobile: Collaboration on the go


Go offline with mail and calendar

Quickly create and edit meeting invitations

Calendar gets a splash of color


One-to-one video chat support on desktop clients


New meeting prompts ensure better control of privacy

Chrome support for meetings (MS Windows OS)

Meeting Administration: assign users to meeting A/V policies

Connections Docs

IBM Docs enhancements

Several new enhancements to improve IBM Docs experience – highlights include:

February 2016

February 2016

Connections docs

Flexibility in file sharing and editing

When using IBM Docs and the IBM Connections Desktop Plug-In* that allows file syncing, you can now edit IBM Docs documents in your local desktop applications such as Microsoft Office or Apache OpenOffice.

You can also use the Connections Desktop Plug-in* to share information between IBM Connections Cloud and Microsoft Office 2016 and take advantage of nested folders.

Connections chat

SAML auto-login support on desktop clients

The Sametime Desktop Client can now remember the user name and password in a SAML authentication scenario. The Sametime Desktop Client will automatically log in a user after the first time a user enters their username and password.

Connections meetings

You can now take advantage of Connections Meetings on Safari 9 and Mac OS 10.11

Smartcloud notes

IBM Mail Onboarding Manager updates -

For complete information about using the onboarding manager tool, see Using the Mail Onboarding Manager.

Desktop plugins

Windows Desktop and Office plugin:

January 2016

January 2016


Verse Mobile Updates

While in other iOS applications, Verse is now a selectable mail application for sending pictures, file attachments, URL links, and more.

On Android, calendar events processed when using the application offline are now immediately reflected in the Verse application calendar. No more waiting for a sync to complete.


Real-time alerts help you focus on items that need your attention

Stay up to date with things that require your attention and response. The new notification center in the navigation bar increases your awareness less disruptively. See alerts with a single click - no matter where you are in the service. Allows you stay on track or swiftly shift gears depending on what is required at the moment.

Real-time alerts help you focus on items that need your attention

Leverage third-party apps to maximize value of Communities

Community owners can add third-party apps to Communities. A new extension point opens up the possibilities for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to create apps for Communities. Developers can now write custom responsive apps that can be surfaced within Communities. Community owners don't have to do anything different from what they do today. As soon as a new third party app has been approved by the administrator, it'll be available for all community owners of that organization

Organize your files with nested folders

Now you can create nested folders to organize your content in a familiar hierarchy. You can create sub-folders within folders to give your content a structure that makes it easier for you and other users to manage content. For both My Files and Community Files , you can build a hierarchy of folders with tree-navigation on the side of the Connections Files page.

Use nested folders to organize your folders and files the way you want.

Nested folders are also supported in the Connections Mobile app and in the IBM Connections Desktop Plugins for Microsoft Windows and the IBM Connections Plugin for Microsoft Outlook when syncing your offline files with Connections Files in the cloud. Note : Syncing of folders is coming in the future

Drag and drop support added on Microsoft Windows

Also new in January is the ability to drag and drop files from the Windows desktop directly to an IBM Connections folder in the IBM Connections Desktop Plugins for Microsoft Windows .

Improved user experience working with files

The sidebar is now resizable and labels have replaced the icons on the tabs making it easier to navigate and view information and comments.

File controls are neatly clustered around the resizeable sidebar for convenience. Clear labels for Comments, Sharing, Versions, and About replace icons on each tab.


Enablement to help new users get started

A guided tour for new users has also been added to provide an overview of Connections Docs.

Additional browser support and other enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the editors including adding support for Apple Safari 9 and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Meeting & Chat

New browser and operating system support

Connections Meeting and Chat are now supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox on Microsoft Windows 10. For the complete list of browsers and operating systems supported, see IBM Connections Cloud system requirements .

November 2015

November 2015



Participate in polls and surveys from the Connections mobile app

The Connections app on iOS and Android now allows you to list polls and surveys in a community, submit responses, and see a summary of results if available.

Guest invitations are sent with your email address on copy

Connections Cloud will now add the inviter to the guest invitation email in the cc field. This provides better awareness that the guest was invited to Connections Cloud and gives the inviter the chance to resend the invitation directly if for some reason the guest did not receive it or deleted the invitation.

New icons that show file sync status

Now you can quickly see the status of your synced files. New icons show when a file is synced, sync in progress, or there's an issue with syncing a file.

Sync in progress Sync complete

New IBM Connections Editor on mobile

Now edit Connections files on your mobile device. Edit and create PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents in IBM Connections Mobile. The Editor is a standalone application that will only allow users to save content in Connections. The Editor is a full featured application that provides editing capabilities on iOS and Android devices.



New features include up to 20 people who can edit a document at the same time, data validation, 3D reference formulas, presentation sizes up to 50 MB, and file viewer enhancements.



Invite people to your meeting from within the meeting

Clicking the invite user icon will now allow you to search for users online and send a link to the meeting via Connections Chat.

Administrators: Set audio/video policies for meetings

Now organization administrators can easily manage audio/video policies for meetings across their entire organization, or set policies for individual users.

October 2015

October 2015



Upload, tear off and view files in separate windows

Now you have more options at your fingertips when viewing a file in Verse. You can upload the file to Connections Cloud and you can’ tear off’ the file enabling you to view it in a separate window.

Upload files to the cloud Tear off and view files in a separate window

New email and calendar features for Verse mobile

New features include support for iOS9, Contacts sync on iOS, repeating meetings on iOS, Calendar ghosting.

Team Analytics Updates

Two new capabilities help you quickly understand relationships and organizational context at a glance:



New IBM Connections Editor on mobile

Create, edit, and share Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheet files on your iOS or Android device. You can take a file from Connections, make updates and save your changes back to Connections. Viewing and sharing of PDF files is also supported.

Make a private community discoverable

Now you can make a restricted community appear in search results if you're looking to have key people find your community and request to join. Previously, if a community was set to be restricted (private), it was hidden from everyone except members of the community. The benefit of making a hidden community discoverable is that you can increase awareness of communities or initiatives across your organization but carefully manage sensitive content to make sure you're engaging the right people.

Adding people from outside your organization to an Activity

You can now manage projects or to-dos via an Activity with members from outside your organization by creating an Activity within a Restricted Community which allows external collaboration.

Add events to your calendar in one step

You can now use reminders in your personal calendar to take part in important events. Just click on the new Export to Calendar (.ics) button. The events app generates an industry-standard calendar file that you can include in your calendar. When you click on the export button, use your mail client to import the calendar entry into your calendar.

Share the right version of a file from the Mac Finder

On the Mac, you can now share the right version of a file more easily, right from the Finder. Share a link to a synced file with your colleagues, directly from the operating system without having to open a browser. You can either create an email with a link to a file, or copy the link to the clipboard so you can paste it into a message or chat.

Share the right version of a file from the Mac Finder



Edits made to Connections Docs are automatically published

Collaborate faster with your colleagues on documents. For all editors in Docs there's a new design for managing file versions that eliminates the confusion over saving a draft and publishing a version. The new auto-publishing function ensures that your readers always see the latest updates. No more waiting until edits are manually published. Auto-publish can be enabled or disabled by the File > Publish Automatically menu item. During a group editing session, the new version is published after the last co-editor closes the document.

New Languages


Romanian and Croatian available for all subscribers

Connections Cloud offerings are now available in all languages for all subscribers, including Romanian and Croatian.

August 2015

August 2015




File Viewer updates

A new feature in IBM Verse allows subscribers to open attachments or links previews in a new browser window, so they can work in Verse and with the previewed files and links at the same time. Another new capability, the "Upload to Files" button has also been added to the viewer, allowing subscribers to upload direct to their cloud files

Team Analytics Updates

The Team Analytics UI has been updated to improve the user experience.  Changes include:

Send Encrypted Mail

IBM Verse now offers the ability to send signed and/or encrypted mail from within the Verse client experience.

Business cards help identify correct mail recipient

Open the business card of any suggested name in type ahead to make sure it is going to the right person.

Open Notes applications from Verse and SmartCloud Notes web

Subscribers that open messages containing Lotusscript or Formula language buttons will see a message at the top of the message such as "This message contains content that needs to be viewed using IBM Notes or IBM Client Application Access".  Once the subscriber clicks the "Open" button, the message will be opened in IBM Notes or IBM Client Application Access (ICAA).

SmartCloud Notes


Audio and Video Chat in Web Experience

Audio and video has been added to chat in SmartCloud Notes Web.



Chat from the navigation bar

Chat is easier than ever with a new user experience that allows access to chat options directly from the top navigation bar.

Start a chat or change your availability status right from the navigation bar.



Move communities for better organization

A new feature supports the ability to move communities - either standalone communities to sub-communities of another parent community or from a sub-community to a parent community.

Access File Preview from more places

IBM has expanded how to can access file preview. File preview will open from a file link from wikis, blogs, and forums.

July 2015



Preview More File Types

View more of the content you need straight from mail with a new feature that allows you to instantly view Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents and PDFs. View documents, spreadsheets and presentations in Microsoft Office binary formats like .ppt, .doc, OpenOffice formats like .odt, .ods, as well as Microsoft Office XML based formats like .docx or .xlsx.

Act on mail from thread view

A new feature is available to help you act more quickly on mail. From the thread view you now have the same actions available to you as the messages in your Inbox. These actions are visible when you hover over the date of an threaded message and select Trash, Remove from Inbox, or Mark as Needs Action.

Act on any email that's part of a thread Send the email to Trash, remove from Inbox, or mark it Needs Action.

Follow people from business card

A new feature makes it easier to add people to your social network direct from the mail experience. You can follow a person directly from their business card to see their activities and status updates.

Start following anyone to see content they share. Click Follow right from the business card.

Verse Mobile


IBM Verse for iOS app update

Primary targeted new enhancements:

screenshot: IBM Verse for iOS app update



Upload large files from Outlook

In June IBM introduced a feature to share files, communicate with your teams, and engage with your communities from the Connections sidebar for Microsoft Outlook. This month brings the added capability of uploading large files (up to 2GB) to Files.

Save files directly to Community Files from MS Office

A new feature now supports sharing files with Communities with the IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins.

Share files with Communities with Mac

Share files direct from your Mac desktop with your team. You can share with Communities (or individuals) and give everyone reader or editor access.

File details in search results

When you search for a file, you can get a convenient and quick view of a file right from search results.

File Preview and Details

You can now see the contents of a File and the details in a single view from the “About this File” icon.

Review Files Faster New files details page lets you view details about the file and see the file at the same time.



Enable automatic updates to the Sametime desktop client

This feature lets subscribers set automatic updates for their Sametime rich client so they never miss a new feature! This feature is not on by default but can be turned on by subscribers. This capability is available for the Sametime stand-alone client and will not apply to the embedded client in Notes.

Click the gear icon, then select Tools > Enable/Disable Live Update

Privacy list in chat

Privacy lists allow you to set who can see you when you're online. A new visual indicator is coming that lets you see when your privacy list is enabled and clicking the icon displays the privacy settings.

When you see this icon, it means the privacy list is enabled.

June 2015

Multi Party Audio Video in Meetings

New multi-party video capabilities in meetings is available from either the browser or the Connections meetings mobile application, and supports continuous video presence for a more interactive and social experience.

Video conferencing is available at no additional charge for customers with subscriptions from IBM Connections Cloud S1, S2, and Meetings.

For more effective extranet collaboration, meeting guests can also use audio and video during online meetings.

IBM is providing tools for administrators to selectively choose which subscribers have access to these capabilities. You can use policies to control which users have access to audio and video features.

Android app available for IBM Verse

A new IBM Verse for Android application, available here as of end of May, offers a simple, elegant mail, calendar, people (contacts), and actions experience. This IBM Verse for Android application is an app update (replacement) of the IBM Notes Traveler for Android app.

Primary new enhancements:

IBM Verse on Android

This app works for both subscribers with SmartCloud Notes and Traveler subscription, as well as those with additional Verse entitlement. (Note: Those without Verse entitlement will not see the ‘Important People’ features in the app, nor have Connections Profile pictures pulled in for People pictures.)

Verse Web Experience

Add mail signature

IBM Verse now allows subscribers to personalize their email with a signature that can include text and images.

More detail on hover over with Team Analytics

New fields have been added in the Team Analytics view that enable subscribers to understand job relationships in context. When subscribers click on the Team Analytics action button all expanded nodes now have a label with the user name under it. Hovering over the node will replace that label by a balloon with user name and job title.

Getting Started Guide

An interactive getting started guide is available to help subscribers quickly learn essential tasks in Verse. They can see guidance on tasks and take action with your own email and information in the same browser view.

SmartCloud Notes and Verse Web

IBM Client Application Access

This lightweight solution helps clients who want to move to a browser-based interface for email (IBM SmartCloud Notes web, or IBM Verse), while continuing to work with existing Notes and Domino applications on-premise. This complete solution helps subscribers work efficiently, benefiting from all the new capabilities of IBM SmartCloud Notes and IBM Verse, with easier access to applications.


New Meetings Welcome Screen

The new meetings welcome screen makes it easier to share your screen or a file.

Navigation changes

Navigation options have been moved to support a more intuitive user experience. Desktop plugins and other downloads are available by selecting Downloads and Setup found under the subscriber’s photo. This option was previously on the Apps menu. We’ve also added new Legal Notices link on the Help menu takes you to the product's terms, privacy, Impressum, trademarks, and notices.

New file viewer experience

An updated file viewer experience with new tabs for file details, comments, sharing, and versions is coming. Previously only file details were available.

Administrators: Verse theme is now available everywhere

Connections Cloud has a new look with updated colors, icons, and a new theme. It's now available for all Connections Cloud applications, including browser-based chat and meetings. Administrators can select this theme from the Administrator console.


Microsoft Outlook sidebar

IBM® Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook is an Outlook email sidebar application that provides easy, full-featured access to IBM Connections content. The plug-in lets subscribers collaborate on files, share email using IBM Connections, view communities’ content, and socialize with colleagues from the convenience of the Outlook email client.

This feature is available for S1, S2, and Connections Social, and Connections Files.

Third-party embedded experience

This feature supports bringing third-party applications into a single, integrated update stream to help companies move with agility and speed.


Arabic, Hebrew, Slovak available for all subscribers

Connections Cloud offerings are now available in Arabic, Hebrew, and Slovak languages.

May 2015

IBM Verse - Share an email attachment.

Now you can share a file direct to the cloud where others can download it, comment on it, or share new versions.

One click to share a file to the cloud


IBM Verse View team report to structure

When an email is selected, subscribers (who use the full social capabilities of S1) can select the team analytics button to see the reporting structure for the email recipients who are in your organization. Administrators need to update user profiles with reporting data and submit changes with the Integration Server to support this feature.

IBM Verse - Share an email attachment with one clickMay 2015: IBM Verse - Share an email attachment with one click

April 2015

IBM Verse for iPhones

IBM Verse for iPhones is coming! Once available on the iTunes app store, you can download it and start using it to:

screenshot: IBM Verse for iPhones

IBM Verse for Apple devices is an IBM created mobile app for iOS, and is available on the Apple app store. However, you can continue to use IBM Traveler with the built in Apple provided mail, calendar, and contacts apps on your iOS device, along with the IBM Traveler To Do and Companion apps.

Customize Community layout and navigation

More customization is available for Communities, with the ability to collapse sidebar navigation and customize the Community Overview page with:

Find what you need faster with Type Ahead Search

When you start typing in the search box, the system will suggest what you are looking for. Connections Cloud remembers where you’ve been and who you have recently collaborated with, helping you to find content faster and more effectively.

Type-ahead remembers where you've been recently so you can find content faster

New optional theme aligned to Verse design

Administrators can select to use a new theme with a streamlined look and feel in the social web experience for their entire organization. This theme aligns to the new Verse design and extends the clean uncluttered look to the social areas for a consistent user experience for subscribers that will be using Verse. Administrators can choose to enable the new theme.

screenshot: Type-ahead remembers where you've been recently so you can find content  faster

Policy to Disable Chat History or File Transfer

To better enable administrators to configure the service so it is aligned to their organization’s security and compliance needs, administrators can now set a policy to disable chat history and/or file transfer. This policy can prevent chats from being saved or prevent file transfer through chat. Updates to this policy are performed using the integration server.

Traveler - Apple Push Notifications for To Do (available on or after April 29)

Now SmartCloud Notes subscribers using Apple devices can stay up to date with what they need to do from anywhere. A new capability is coming that notifies subscribers with the IBM To Do application for iOS when changes to To Dos occur in the user's mail database. The change notification is reflected as a badge indicator on the application icon. When the application is open, a notification will cause the application to automatically sync the changes.

Traveler – Google Cloud Messaging (available on or after April 29)

SmartCloud Notes subscribers with Traveler can use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for real time push notifications to keep Mail, Calendar, Contact and To Do data on Android clients up to date. Using GCM can greatly improve the battery life of Android devices as IBM Traveler no longer needs to stay constantly connected via HTTP to the IBM Traveler server for push notifications.



March 2015

IBM Verse General Availability on March 31

Mail that understands you, clears the clutter and creates more clarity, and connects me to we. See it in action here:

IBM Verse (YouTube, 00:03:13)


IBM Verse will be generally available for new subscription purchases on March 31.

IBM Verse offers:

 Easy way to collaborate with people who are important to you. See all the email you're tracking, that are marked Waiting for. Calendar and upcoming meeting details - all in one clear space.

IBM Connections Files on Cloud generally available

We’re introducing an exciting new standalone offering that enables customers who don’t want the full set of social capabilities in IBM Connections Social Cloud to buy file sharing, profiles, file sync and more. See it in action here:

YouTube (00:06:08)


This offering includes:



 API access to presence and chat.

API access to presence and chat

Now you can use chat and presence awareness directly in your business applications. Using new APIs you can integrate cloud based instant messaging with other cloud and on-premises applications. This is available for customers with chat enabled subscriptions.

February 2015

You've never seen email like this

Organization. Flow. Harmony.
Discover a #NewWayToWork with IBM Verse

New Offering

We’re introducing an exciting new standalone offering that enables customers who don’t want the full set of social capabilities in IBM Connections Social Cloud to buy filesharing, profiles, file sync and more. This offering includes:

You can quickly get started in the cloud with this standalone offering and grow into other cloud services whenever your business demands. It will be available in March 2015

View and Sync files from any device Drag and drop files from windows explorer or the mac to upload to files

See Meeting Invitee status while on the go

Traveler subscribers can see Invitee status for iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet. The meeting chair can view the status of each invitee's response to the current version of the meeting. Additionally, the Android client can show a status of delegated.

January 2015

Assign tasks more effectively across teams

Assign To Dos to one or more members of an Activity to work more easily across teams. Select people from the Activity members list.

Select one, many, or all members of the Activity when assigning a To Do item.

Work with larger files in Activities

We’re continuing to make it easier to work with more content, continuing the improvements announced last year with storage increases for Files, Communities, and Wikis. Now you can upload files as large as 2 GB when you use a modern browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Additional browser support is coming soon.

View relationship history in your contacts

Now you can view the relationship history for each of your contacts. See when a contact is created, when a network invitation is accepted, when a contact is modified, and when a contact is forwarded. This gives you important information about the timeline of your relationships.

View details about the history of your relationship.

November 2014

Storage quota increases

Audio Video Chats from your Mobile Device

Work more effectively across your network on the go with audio and video calls on tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android.

Audio-video call on a tablet (can also expand to full screen)

Sync files from Mac to Cloud!

Sync files and work effectively between desktop and cloud with the new ability to use IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Mac.

You can:

Push notifications on desktop alert you when a file has been modified and is ready for review

Sync'ed files appear as a folder under Finder's Favorites

Social App Features

New features help improve how you work with your network, manage communities, find content, and more:


Quickly contact people in your network

Annotate your Meetings

A new whiteboarding tool lets you call attention to content, comment, and brainstorm new ideas – whether you’re in a browser or working from a mobile device.

Use a highlighter ...or a pen ...and show your fine motor skills

September 2014

We have a new name!

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business just got updated. No actions are required on your part, no updates are needed, and no URLs are changing.

IBM understands Healthcare…Security…Privacy

New for Healthcare Customers.
The IBM Connections Cloud services are managed to security, governance, and operations controls specified by the HIPAA act. IBM is pleased to announce our ability to enter into Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with Healthcare customers seeking the benefits of SaaS.

New Offering – IBM Connections Chat Cloud

IBM Connections Chat Cloud is IBM's instant messaging application with enterprise-grade security in the cloud. Available with IBM Connections Cloud S1 and S2, Connections Chat Cloud is now available as a stand-alone offering for organizations who need chat only.

IBM Connections Chat Cloud enables you to instantly communicate with colleagues inside and outside your organization and includes: text, audio and video chat; file transfer; screen capture; create list; and chat status.

Files Enhancements

File Sync - Manage your files on the go with File Sync, make edits offline, and automatically sync with cloud when you reconnect for the latest and most up-to-date information (available for Windows with Desktop Plug-in).

Work anytime, anywhere, even offline with File Sync.

Microsoft Office Integration - Work more effectively in Office with the ability to comment, share, and lock files directly through Desktop Plug-in.

Comment, share, or lock files directly from Microsoft Office.

More Social

Enhanced Profiles - Explore content and communities more intelligently with a view into what your network contacts have in common with you. Expand your reach to new ideas and experts with the ability to request introductions from your network.

Enhanced People Search - Find experts more easily in enhanced people search with keywords and type ahead suggestions