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System Requirements

What are the system requirements?

IBM Connections Cloud is compatible with most browsers and operating systems. Details.



What is IBM Verse?

IBM Verse is mail as you’ve never imagined it before. Using advanced design thinking and analytics, and delivered from the cloud to your favorite mobile device or desktop, IBM Verse helps you prioritize your work, personalize your work experience, build stronger working relationships, and frees you to spend more time on higher value work.

Lightning-fast search and built-in intelligence help you prioritize incoming requests. A modern, personalized user experience brings together multiple collaboration tools including your inbox, your calendar, your todos, your social networks, your chats, your online meetings, and your documents. Build a network of trust on a built-for-business, secure, and private platform.

Where can I go to learn how to use Verse?

What are the entitlements in IBM Verse?

IBM Verse is available via two key offerings in IBM Connections Cloud. IBM Verse will be added to IBM Connections Cloud S1 offering. In addition, IBM Verse will also be available as a standalone offering.

With IBM Verse you can:

IBM Verse customers have a choice of user experience. The full set of benefits is provided with the IBM Verse browser experience. This provides a modern, personalized user experience that brings together multiple collaboration tools including your inbox, your calendar, yourtodos, your social networks, your chats, your online meetings, and your documents.

However IBM Verse customers can also choose to leverage the existing IBM SmartCloud Notes experiences. IBM SmartCloud Notes provides full-featured email, calendar, contact management and instant messaging service on the IBM Cloud -accessed with a web browser or with the IBMNotes client. This is provided via a Fixed Term entitlement to the IBM Domino Enterprise Client Access License. This provides customers with the ability to download and use IBM Notes 9.0.1 (and other downloads) that are provided with the IBM Domino Enterprise Client Access License.

Im a current Connections Cloud S1 or SmartCloud Notes customer, how can I get Verse?

All IBM SmartCloud Notes customers with active subscriptions on 3/31/2015 receive entitlement to IBM Verse. All IBM Connections Cloud S1 customers will also receive entitlement to IBM Verse. When IBM Verse becomes available, SmartCloud Notes and S1 customers will be ready to take advantage of it using their existing infrastructure. IBM Verse entitlements for existing SmartCloud Notes and S1 customers will be activated gradually after IBM Verse is available.

I’m a current Notes/Domino customer, how can I get IBM Verse?

The IBM Bridge to Cloud Sales play offers IBM Notes and Domino customers two options for adding cloud services at renewal time.
1. Trade in client access licenses for cloud subscriptions.
2. Keep the client access licenses and add cloud services.
In all cases, server licenses are renewed. Both options cover customers on-premises or in the cloud from a licensing perspectiveas long as they maintain the agreement.

Can I delegate functions of my mail to another person?

You can set a Delegation preference so that other people can manage your mail for you, including your calendar, contacts, and to do entries. You can also let them perform certain tasks for you, such as sending messages, or creating entries.

What are the entitlement details for IBM SmartCloud Notes?

More details are provided here

Once a message is delivered to the user’s spam folder, how long is that message retained?

In SmartCloud Notes, it is purged automatically in 24-48 hours. In IBM Web Mail Cloud, the end user must empty the spam folder themselves, so messages will stay as long as the user retains them.

What is the IBM Connections Cloud Antivirus/Antispam solution?

IBM Protector is used for AV/AS services, which is included in the basic service. For more details, visit Trust Security.

Does the solution support spam filtering, and if so, how?

Yes. IBM Protector (inbound outbound email) Trend Micro (mail send/received within the Domino server, and all other files on the machines) handle spam filtering. The solution has an IBM built AS solution, and also integrates third party AS filters into the overall solution.

Is spam quarantined or delivered to a separate folder?

In SmartCloud Notes, it is possible for the Administrator to determine what happens to email blocked by the filters with three options: blocked completely (as it is by default), always delivered to inbox, or delivered to junk folder. The Administrator also determines the order in which the filters are executed. In IBM Connections Web Mail Cloud, suspected spam emails are delivered to a “Junk Mail” folder in the web mail interface. Any mail determined to have a virus/malware/phishing involved is blocked and will never be delivered.

Are personal block/allow lists supported?

Yes. Personal safe/block lists are supported-- set this in your Notes client or web client. Additionally, for SmartCloud Notes, email filters can be set at the company level Use filters to allow or block Internet mail sent from specific addresses or domains. For example, block or allow * However, end users can configure personal white and black sender lists from within the Notes Client or the webmail application.

For IBM Web Mail Cloud, you can whitelist only. Domain names and IP addresses that match a whitelisted host are not identified as spam. For whitelisted hosts, you can add and remove domain names and IP addresses.

Do messages rated as spam ever get dropped after receipt but before delivery to the end user’s mailbox?

Yes. Email accepted by the service gateway then passes through the Protector layer - anything that is spam, or contains a virus, will not get further delivered. However, messages that match end user personal block list criteria (regardless of spam score) will be deleted and not delivered.

Does the service allow the end user to easily inspect the full headers of an e-mail message? Can a message be forwarded, in full, as an attachment?

For SmartCloud Notes, to preserve headers for inspection users should save the message as an .eml file and then send that .eml file as an attachment to the person requesting it. For IBM Web Mail Cloud, yes, headers can be revealed in the web client but mail cannot be forwarded with full headers. However, users can report spam from within the web client, and that submits the selected message(s) with full headers to the AS system.

How often are AV definition files updated?

The service updates AV definition files on the appliance approximately every 4 hours and that depends on the level of virus activity which may dictate more frequent updates.

Do you scan outgoing mail?

Yes, The SmartCloud Notes service outgoing mail is AV/AS scanned by the appliance. Also, self service trial customers have mail routed to a separate group of the appliance severs distinct from production.

What do you do when you detect a virus?

In SmartCloud Notes, we delete the email. In SmartCloud Notes for inter-company (including mail coming in from the internet), the email is discarded. There is no notification to the user or company administrator. For intra-company email sent virus scanning is provided by the appliance, the email is delivered and:

  1. the subject is modified to indicate the email had a virus removed
  2. the attachment is replaced by a bitmap saying that the file with virus was removed. There is no notification to the company administrator.


Can I invite Guests to collaborate if they are not subscribers?

A valuable benefit of IBM Connections Cloud is the ability for paid subscribers to invite guests at no additional charge.

What capabilities do Guest users have in the service?

What guests can do:

For more detail, click here

Whats the default storage for files?

Each file can be up to 2GB and by default you get 1TB in your file space, and 50GB per community. You can create as many communities as you want and you can always buy additional storage space for your personal file space.

How can I work with my file content between my desktop and the cloud?

You can download the desktop app directly from the Apps - Downloads and Setup menu.

With this plug-in, you can:

Can uploaded files be encrypted ?

Yes! Each time you upload a file you can select the encryption check box for additional security around your file.

Can files be shared with people outside of my company by just using an email address?

Yes. Files can be shared with people outside of your company. To share with people outside of your organization or company, select the Files can be shared with people external to my organization option when uploading the file. You must set external access when uploading a file; it cannot be turned on later.

What can I do inside a Community?

Communities is the central space for your team to come together. You can manage a project or product, share multi-media files, send surveys to customers to provide better customer satisfaction, or share what you are working on now with your team! You can conduct polls, send messages, post blogs, edit wikis, post questions to forums, crowdsource ideas, and so much more. Each community is configurable to include the functions that you need to be effective.

Does it integrate with Microsoft Office 2010 and/or Microsoft Office 2013?

Yes! The integration is enabled by installing our desktop plug-in which you can do from the User menu. User > Downloads and Setup.

How do I see who I have invited to be a guest?

Select the People menu from the main nav bar, then select My Contacts. Here you can see all of your contacts and in the left navigation you can select Invited to Join to review pending and accepted invitations.

Can I access the information from my mobile device?

Yes! You can download the app from the App Store, Google Play or BlackBerry (BB OS7 Devices). For more information about IBM Connections Cloud mobile capabilities click here



What are there differences between file sharing capabilities in IBM Connections Files on Cloud and the other IBM Connections Cloud offerings that include social capabilities?

The Files offering contains file sync and sharing, version management and access control, all the features you’re familiar with from IBM Connections Social Cloud are available in Files on Cloud. You can access Profiles and build a network of contacts, post status updates and view what’s happening across your network with activity stream capabilities visible on the Homepage. This offering does not include Communities, Activities, or instant messaging that come with IBM Connections Cloud Social.

Can I buy Files subscriptions for some employees and other Connections Cloud subscriptions for others?

Yes! This offering lets you purchase subscriptions just for the Files capabilities and works seamlessly to collaborate with other Connections Cloud offerings.

Does the Files offering allow me to share files externally?

Yes, you can invite people outside your organization to share files just by using an email address.



What is IBM Connections Docs Cloud?

IBM Connections Docs Cloud is an office productivity suite for collaborative online document, spreadsheet and presentation editor. It provides real-time co-editing, allowing users to work on documents individually or collaboratively. Comment on a document, or even participate in a discussion, without the need of desktop software.

What browsers supported by IBM Connections Docs Cloud?

Firefox, Internet Explorer,Safari and Chrome. For the most current system requirements list, see

Is there author presence awareness?

Yes. All authors can see the names of the others who are currently editing the file, and can see their edits in color-to-author coded highlights.

What is the maximum file size?

The total file size varies by type. The following link has the most up to date info for all file types:

Can comments be exported?

Yes , for MS Office file types (docx,pptx,xlsx,xls) and ODF file type (ods) comments made inside the Docs editor will be made available off-line when the file is downloaded.  The comments will round trip back into the Docs Editor if off line editing is performed and the upload new version option is used.

What file types can be exported to and imported from IBM Connections Docs Cloud?

You can import and export ODF 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 (ISO 26300:2006). You can also export to PDF 1.4, and import and export DOC as Microsoft Word 2003 SP3 and MS office 2007 and newer formats , including templates (.ott,.otp, .ots, .dot, .dotx, .pot, .potx, .xlt, .xltx) - allowing the option to create a new file from a template in one click. Note that by default, files retain format that they are imported in.

How many simultaneous readers are allowed?

There is no limit to the number of simultaneous readers allowed.

How many simultaneous editors are allowed?

Up to twenty individuals can edit simultaneously. When the twenty-first tries to join they receive a message telling them there are currently twenty editing and they can read, but not edit until one of the other editors stops.

Meetings and Chat

Meetings and Chat

Can I record meetings?

Yes, you can record the presentation area in meetings. If you are using the meetings VOIP functionality or have the audio conferencing add-on (to join with a phone) or VoIP, you may create an integrated recording with audio. You can start recording at any time during a meeting, even from a mobile device-- you do not have to wait until content is shared with meeting room participants.

Can I collaborate with colleagues outside of the IBM Connections Cloud service?

Yes, both IBM Connections Cloud users and guests (non authenticated users) can join a meeting.

How many users can I host in one meeting?

This varies by offering size. Up to 200 participants can attend an IBM Connections Meeting simultaneously. A large meetings offering is also available that supports the sharing of content for up to 1,000 concurrent participants.

What mobile devices are supported for chat and meetings ?

iOS and Android, phones and tablets are all supported.

Can I share content using the mobile meeting app ?

Yes. Mobile participants can do much more than passively viewing slides in the meeting. Mobile users can take control to share documents and presentations, annotate slides, ask questions and capture action items in the meeting stream, record a meeting, get a report, take control of a desktop, and more!

Does IBM Connections Meetings include audio-conferencing ?

Yes, You can use the integrated voice over IP service to connect from a desktop or mobile device at no additional charge. There is an also an add-on for audio-conferencing that allows users on a phone to call in to an audio-conference (toll or toll-free), integrated with a meeting.

Does IBM Connections Meetings include video-conferencing ?

Yes. Multi-party continuous video-conferencing is available.

Can I share documents from Connections Files in a meeting ?

Yes. When a meeting host is also entitled to the "Files" service, documents from "My Files" or from a desktop can be presented in a meeting. Using "My Files" for collaboration will ensure that content can be updated (and commented on) beyond the span of a meeting instead of being locked in on a desktop. This also helps ensuring ensure that the latest version of a document being shared in a meeting, is truly the latest, with updated access control for ongoing security.

Do you need to install a desktop application to run IBM Connections Chat Cloud and meetings ?

No. IBM Connections Cloud users can chat and meet directly from their browser. An optional browser plug-in can be installed to enable desktop sharing, audio-video conferencing in meetings and audio-video calls in chat.

Archiving and Compliance

Archiving and Compliance

Is there a mail archiving solution available?

IBM Archive Essentials for Mail allows you to manage retention/deletion of all email! You can search, filter, tag and retrieve email across users, and assign/delegate roles for discovery and allow end user access/recovery of archived mail. No hardware or software installation is required and there are no limits on storage capacity. Emails can be kept permanently or according to a customizable retention period, including legal holds for specific messages.

What compliance policies are employed to ensure my data is safe?

Does IBM have Compliance solutions for IBM Connections Cloud ?

Vantage for IBM Connections (running on prem) or Vantage on Cloud (available from Actiance) support archiving of Connections Cloud content



What smart devices (phones) work with the system and how?

Apps can be downloaded from the respective App Stores. Details on which mobile devices are supported in IBM Connections Cloud can be found here

What are your interface requirements for delivering messages to wireless phones?

For SmartCloud Notes, Traveler, BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Services) or IMAP are required. For IBM Connections Web Mail Cloud, standard POP/IMAP or IMAP IDLE are required, typically using the devices native mail client.

Your Content

Your Content

Can I choose which IBM data center in which my content resides?

Yes, customers can choose the data center location where their data resides. Tour our world-class Softlayer data centers:

What happens to my data if I leave the service?



What branding options are available?

Administrators of organizations can customize name, logo, and alter the colors used throughout IBM Connections Cloud through an easy to use interface.

Does the solution support disclaimer messages?

Yes, this can be done with templates for SmartCloud Notes. For IBM Web Mail Cloud, disclaimers (global tag lines) can also be uploaded for each supported language, as well as in HTML and text format for each language. The users personal setting for language determines which language tag is selected (with US English as the default if no local language version is available).

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

Is the service Safe Harbor certified?

IBM abides by the U.S.- EU Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the United States Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and retention of information collected from the European Union. For more information about Safe Harbor or to access IBM’s certification statement, go to

IBM Connections Cloud Migration Services may be delivered by IBM subcontractors globally. Customer is responsible for ensuring compliance with the applicable legal regulations, especially with regard to the lawfulness of the transmission of personal data to IBM and its global subcontractors. Upon request, IBM will enter into additional agreements required by law for the protection of personal data, including but not limited to, standard unmodified EU Model Clause agreements pursuant to EC Decision 2010/87/EU with optional clauses removed. Please contact your IBM representative to initiate this process.

What access control and encryption policies are in place?

IBM Connections Cloud architecture is designed to maintain logical separation of client data. There is no usage of WiFi within IBM Connections Cloud data centers. Additionally:

For healthcare industry customers that are Covered Entities as defined by HIPAA, does the service meet HIPAA requirements for processing protected health information (PHI)?

The security and privacy practices implemented by the service are designed to meet the data processing requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). IBM will enter into a Business Associate Agreement with customers that use the service to process PHI.

Reliability, Backup and Recovery

Reliability, Backup and Recovery

How is disaster recovery handled by the service?

IBM has a disaster recovery facility that is geographically remote from its primary data center, along with required hardware, software, and Internet connectivity, in the event IBM production facilities at the primary data center were to be rendered unavailable.

In the event that a catastrophic condition arises, IBM provides the hardware, software and network infrastructure that will enable Customers to resume access to the service within 12 hours of disaster declaration (also known as the Recovery Time Objective). The environment will be restored to its latest pre-incident state using the most recent content able to be replicated from the primary site, with no more than 8 hours of content loss (also known as the Recovery Point Objective). IBM performs annual tests of our Disaster Recovery process.

Where do the IBM Connections Cloud DR locations reside?

In the US, both primary and disaster recovery (DR) locations are geographically separated within the country.

In the Asia Pacific region, the primary IBM Connections Cloud data center is in Tokyo and the DR location is in Singapore.

In the EU, the primary IBM Connections Cloud data center is in Amsterdam, and the DR location is in Frankfurt

Charges and Billing

Charges and Billing

What are my billing options?

Billing is selected upfront when you purchase your IBM Connections Cloud subscription. Billing options are:

  1. Entire commitment amount upfront
  2. Monthly (in arrears)
  3. Quarterly (upfront)
  4. Annually (upfront)

The selected billing option will be valid for the length of the term specified in the purchase agreement. The amount payable per billing cycle will be based on the annual subscription fee and number of billing cycles in a year.

What are partial month charges?

Partial month charges are a pro-rated daily rate that is calculated based on the remaining days of the partial month starting on the date your company is notified by IBM that your access to IBM Connections Cloud is available. You would receive the partial month charge only the first month of subscription.

What are overage charges?

If your actual usage exceeds the entitlement specified in your purchase agreement, then you will be invoiced for the overage in accordance with the overage rates specified in the purchase agreement.

How is my subscription renewed?

IBM Connections Cloud subscriptions will default to automatically renew at the end of the subscription term unless canceled by the customer. This can be modified at the time the order is placed. To prevent automatic renewal of the IBM SaaS Subscription Period, the customer must provide IBM with written notice of cancellation prior to the end of the applicable Subscription Period. The IBM Connections Cloud subscription will renew for the lesser of the initial term or 12 months.

How do I cancel my service?

Per the Terms of Use, if your renewal is automatic, you may terminate the expiring IBM SaaS Subscription Period by written request directly to IBM or to your IBM Business Partner at least ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date as set forth in the Proof of Entitlement. Send your written request for termination to If IBM or your IBM Business Partner does not receive such termination notice by the expiration date, the expiring Subscription Period will be automatically renewed for either one year or the same duration as the original Subscription Period as set forth in the Proof of Entitlement. Once the service cancellation is processed, you or your IBM Business Partner will receive an email confirmation.

Service Maintenance, Availability and Communications

Service Maintenance, Availability and Communications

What are the communication channels if there is an issue with the service? (Email/Social Media/Website/Twitter etc.)

IBM Customer Services Group will promptly notify Customers, via multiple communication channels (data center status web page, subscription based SMS text messages, and email), on the status of service following an incident. These notices are sent when IBM confirms the issue to make customers aware, then again at the conclusion of the incident signaling “all clear”. Notifications are sent to Customers for incidents with service-wide impact.

Additionally, anyone can access the Maintenance and Status page at, which details any current service disruptions.

What processes are in place to ensure service integrity and availability?

What is the planned maintenance window for the service?

IBM Connections Cloud reserves a maintenance window two weekends per month. Although the window is not necessarily used, the planned schedule is one weekend a month for product code deployment and one weekend a month for non-application (e.g. operating system or web server) code deployment; with the remaining weekend slots largely used only for emergency maintenance. Services remain available through the maintenance window if there is no reason to limit access, and restrictions are limited to only the time required.

IBM publically lists the maintenance and update schedule here



What is Step-Up SaaS?

A Step Up part for Software As A Service can be purchased by current IBM customers to allow them to move to the cloud at a discounted rate, at their own pace.

How do I qualify for purchasing Step Up?

First, you are required to have active Subscription and Support (SS) for the program used in conjunction with the Step Up entitlements. If you end your SS, you can no longer use Step Up.

Are there any additional limitations to Step Up?

As a customer, you must represent that you have acquired the applicable license entitlements and Subscription and Support for the associated IBM program. In the event either your license to use the associated IBM program or the Customers subscription and Support for the associated program is terminated, your right to use Step-Up SaaS will terminate.

What is Dual Entitlement?

A Dual Entitlement product can be purchased by new or existing IBM customers to allow them to have services either in the cloud or on-premises. With Dual Entitlement, customers can choose to move between the two environments.

How do I qualify for purchasing Dual Entitlement?

There are no prerequisites required for purchasing Dual Entitlement products. However, if you currently have active Subscription and Support (SS) on impacted software, you may suspend the SS while you have the Dual Entitlement product.

What products are included in Dual Entitlement?

The premises and cloud products covered by Dual Entitlement are as follows:

Offering On-Premises Entitlements Cloud Entitlements
IBM Mail Dual Entitlement Domino Messaging CAL

Domino Messaging Server

(includes mail, presence awareness Instant Messaging, Traveler, Connections Files/Profiles etc)
IBM Verse includes Files and Profiles plus customer choice of mail client UI etc.

(includes Files and Profiles plus customer choice of mail client UI etc)
IBM Mail Dual Entitlement plus Applications Domino Enterprise CAL

Domino Enterprise Server
IBM Verse
IBM Mail Dual Entitlement plus Applications and S1 Domino Enterprise CAL

Domino Enterprise Server
Connections Cloud S1
IBM Dual Entitlement for Mail and Social Collaboration Domino Enterprise CAL

Domino Enterprise Server

Connections (extension) Monthly License

Sametime Complete Monthly License
Connections Cloud S1
Additional Services

Additional Services

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