IBM Connections and VerseDocument Editors

IBM Docs

IBM Connections Docs is a socially enabled productivity tool that enables teams to work collaboratively on word processing, spread sheet and presentation files. IBM Connections Docs is available in Cloud (as part of IBM Connections Cloud S1 and as add on to other Connections Cloud offering). IBM Connections Docs on premises can be experienced as an integral part of IBM Connections or as a standalone solution with other content repositories.

Features: Real time co-editing Word Processing Spreadsheet Presentation

Up to 20 editors can actively edit together. Editors are color coded and can see in real time who is editing what content.

Real time co-editing

Real-time co-editing

See document edits as they happen in real time.

Author presence awareness

See who else is in the document while you are working.

Commenting and discussions

Provide inline comments throughout the document and discuss document content, goals, and needs.

With increased file size to 20MB, you can leverage Docs for very large word processing documents.

Word Processing


Edit your document in real-time with other users.


Use standard controls to create and format your documents.

With 800k cells, 80k formulas, 20k rows, 20 MB file size, 1024 columns per file, keeping spreadsheets up to date is a breeze.



Pick from multiple standard formulas to manipulate your data.


Use standard controls to format text and borders, merge cells, and insert, sort, or delete rows and columns.


Organize your spreadsheet across multiple sheets.


Edit your spreadsheet in real-time with other users.


Leave comments inline throughout your spreadsheet.

Increased file size to 50 MB and 150 pages. Be it a detailed training presentation or a crisp client presentation, Docs co-editing helps get content created quickly.


Thumbnail navigation

Quickly switch between your slides using the thumbnail navigation.


Leave comments inline throughout your presentation.


Use standard controls to format text and images, play your slide show, choose slide layouts, or edit master styles.


Edit your presentation in real-time with other users.