How it works

IBM Cloud Object Storage offers a comprehensive object storage platform
with technology innovation at its core.

How IBM Cloud Object Storage works

Content transformation

Information dispersal technology encrypts, expands, slices and disperses data.

Physical distribution

Slices are distributed to separate disks and commodity hardware across geographic locations.

Reliable retrieval

Real-time, bit-perfect data is highly available and can be retrieved with a subset of slices—even with individual servers or entire sites down.

Built-in security

All-or-nothing transform (AONT) encryption is applied to every write before it is sliced and dispersed.

All-or-nothing transform encryption is built into IBM Cloud Object Storage

Encryption protects data at rest and in motion.

Encryption protects data at rest and data in motion

And digital certificates protect all connection requests against rogue device attacks.

Digital certificates protect connection requests against rogue device attacks

Built-in availability

Avoid downtime during software upgrades, hardware refreshes or possible disk, node or site failures.

Built-in availability

Built-in resiliency

Enjoy worry-free data center relocation with regional or cross-regional resiliency.

Built-in resiliency

Built-in efficiency

Help eliminate the need for costly replication while significantly reducing raw storage requirements, as compared to traditional approaches.

Built-in efficiency

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