Adopt cloud object storage that adapts to your dynamic workloads

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IBM offers one of the widest, most flexible ranges of object storage solutions in the industry. Select the deployment option that meets your needs, including public, dedicated and hybrid cloud or on-premises solutions — implemented within a region or across multiple regions and managed by your organization or IBM.

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Attain massive scalability for any volume of data or any business need, either on premises or in the IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud Object Storage is a web-scale platform that stores unstructured data — from petabyte to exabyte — with reliability, security, availability and disaster recovery without replication.

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Reduce complexity and cost by using our managed solution that is designed to be intuitive and uncomplicated but elegant, implemented within a region or across multiple regions. The same technology underpins our solutions on premises and in the IBM Cloud, making it easier to manage and move workloads.

IBM COS handles "data tsunami" in IT enterprise

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The innovation behind IBM Cloud Object Storage

Learn about the innovative technology behind IBM Cloud Object Storage, built on more than 10 years of development and 400-plus patents.

How it works

Flexible deployment options to meet your business needs

Choose from IBM Cloud Object Storage Standard, Vault, Cold Vault or Flex public cloud, multi-tenant services available in the IBM Cloud. Pay by the month for only what you use — no fixed or CAPEX costs are required at any point.

Select dedicated, single-tenant object storage services, using dedicated bare metal servers managed by IBM experts in IBM Cloud data center to meet your needs.

On premises
Deploy IBM Cloud Object Storage System in your own data centers, using IBM appliances or IBM software running on industry-standard hardware certified by IBM.

Expand the IBM Cloud Object Storage System in your data center through customized integration with the object storage in the worldwide network of IBM Cloud data centers.

IBM Cloud Object Storage: Flexible storage built for rapid change

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Manage exponential data growth to your business advantage

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Case studies: Companies with fast data growth rely on IBM Cloud Object Storage

Image representing case study on the University of Chicago using IBM Cloud Object Storage to support its cancer research data repository

University of Chicago: Accelerating cancer research
The University of Chicago built a cancer genomic research repository that's expected to scale to exabytes of data.

Image representing case study of Hogarth marketing agency using IBM Cloud Object Storage for video archives

Hogarth: Facilitating global collaboration
Marketing agency Hogarth implemented a fast, cost-effective storage environment to support its global video production studio network.

Japanese cityscape image representing case study of KDDI telecom firm using IBM Cloud Object Storage to store consumer digital files

KDDI: Achieving carrier-grade reliability
Japanese mobile service provider KDDI uses secure, efficient storage to store 20 PB of consumer images, videos and media for its 13 million subscribers.

What analysts say about object storage

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Critical Capabilities for Object Storage Report 2016

Learn what object storage can do for you and why Gartner rates IBM an overall leader.

Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

See why Gartner recognizes IBM as a leader in this space: IBM delivers scalable storage for files, objects and big data analytics.

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IDC MarketScape:
Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2016 Vendor Assessment

Discover why IBM is a leader in object-based storage for the third consecutive year.

IDC Market Spotlight:
Adoption of Object-Based Storage for Hyperscale Deployments Continues

Examine the considerations around choosing an object-based storage solution that helps solve the problems of scale, management and costs.

Make IBM part of the solution

IBM can help your company securely and cost-efficiently manage exponential growth of unstructured content.

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Content repository

Eliminate data silos and entrust business-critical data to a reliable, scalable storage platform.

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Keep content accessible with a scalable, reliable and secure long-term data archive.

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Data transfer

Help ensure fast, secure transfer of data to and from IBM Cloud Object Storage.

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Backup and recovery

Modernize operations with secure, scalable backup with always-on data availability for dependable recovery.

An icon representing the enterprise collaboration and innovation capability

Enterprise collaboration

Deliver a secure solution for global file access and collaboration.

Developer Center

Take advantage of scalable cloud storage to store and access your content as well as interactively compose and connect to apps and services.

Find tools, documentation, tutorials, SDKs, and sample code.

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