IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Easily deploy VMware workloads to the cloud for a seamless hybrid cloud experience

Choose your IBM Cloud and VMware solution

Seamlessly optimise, expand or migrate your VMware workloads to IBM's high-performance, global cloud infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud Simplified with IBM Cloud & VMware HCX Technologies

Easily connect your on-premises environment to the IBM Cloud to achieve a multi-cloud architecture. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions provides a scalable cloud & access to a vast array of services.

How can you use IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions?

Disaster recovery and Backup
Replicate environments and secure your data in the IBM Cloud while boosting recovery times, cutting costs and reducing risks.

Develop, test and demo environments
Support rapid application development and testing cycles in a matter of hours with VMware on IBM Cloud.

Migrate VMware Workloads
Configure your existing VMware workloads on IBM Cloud with flexible deployment options.

Implement Virtual Environments with less Overheads

Deploy VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud with little time and effort from your Admin

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Dream Payments makes mobile cloud payments easier

Dream Payments makes Mobile Cloud Payments easier
Dream Payments provides card payment options to small and medium businesses, where data security and data sovereignty are critical. See how IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions allows Dream Payments to go from a mobile payment company to a mobile payment cloud provider.

Simplify GDPR Compliance with IBM Cloud Secure Virtualisation

Simplify GDPR Compliance with IBM Cloud Secure Virtualisation
IBM Cloud Secure Virtualisation can help protect your workloads and simplify GDPR compliance, using IBM Cloud bare metal servers with built-in Intel Xeon Processor security and HyTrust workload security software features that validate hardware integrity for VMware workloads.

BMSIX grows revenue, expands globally

BMSIX grows revenue, expands globally
Learn how this cloud service provider uses VMware on IBM Cloud to move its clients to the cloud in minutes versus months.

VMware Solutions versions

VMware vSphere

Customisable virtualisation service that combines VMware-compatible bare metal servers, hardware components and licenses — to build your own IBM-hosted VMware environment.

VMware vCentre Server

Automates deployment of the underlying vSphere and vCentre layers needed to build a flexible and customisable VMware solution that fits your workloads.

VMware Cloud Foundation

SDDC solution that brings together IBM Cloud infrastructure and VMware, vSAN, NSX and SDDC for a simple hybrid extension of your on-premises data centre.