“Potential users of bare metal cloud can avail themselves of a powerful alternative for their workloads.”1

See how bare metal stacks up to virtual cloud servers in performance and flexibility.



"To build a better [cloud] platform, we took an innovative approach...starting with our data centers.”

SoftLayer is revolutionizing IaaS data centers through automation and improved network architecture.


Frost & Sullivan

Experience up to 2.7x better price performance with SoftLayer.2

Understand the truth about cloud pricing and maximize your IT budget.

Multiplay:Chumbak leverages IBM Cloud for rapid deployment and performance
Findability Sciences provides faster big data & analytics solutions with IBM Cloud
Data Resolve Technologies helps companies tackle security threats with IBM Cloud

Meet with an IBM Cloud advisor – on us. Discover how cloud can help your enterprise evolve.

1Source: Forrester Research, "Consider Bare-Metal As A Viable Cloud Option," 27 April 2015.

2Source: Frost & Sullivan, "The Truth about Cloud Price-Performance: How Misperceptions about Service Costs Can Derail Your Cloud Strategy," 2015.

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