This is not just any cloud.
This is the IBM Cloud.

The IBM Cloud is the cloud for the enterprise. Yours.

Bluemix is now IBM Cloud
Same platform you love, just with a new name. IBM Cloud is the cloud for business. Yours.

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Pace Automation uses  IBM cloud computing services to scale up business

Pace Automation is helping local kirana stores scale up business with IBM Cloud. Find out how.

Titan Limited Taps IBM Cloud Solutions and Watson Customer Engagement

Titan taps into IBM Cloud and Watson Customer Engagement to increase its 11 million loyalty customer base. Discover more. (US)

Personalized shopping experiences with IBM Cloud Solutions

Personalized shopping experiences with IBM Watson and IBM Cloud. Find out how.

Prana Studios with IBM Cloud Solutions.

Prana Studios makes giant strides in the field of visual effects with IBM Cloud. Explore more.

Choosing IBM Cloud Solutions gives you a competitive advantage

IBM Cloud ensures seamless integration into public and private cloud environments. The infrastructure is secure, scalable and flexible, providing customized enterprise solutions that have made IBM Cloud the hybrid cloud market leader.

Key benefits

Develop, experiment and iterate at speed with DevOps

Unlock existing data and applications through hybrid integration

Extract deeper insight by accessing powerful data and analytics

Build understanding and learning with cognitive solutions (US)

Put the right workload in the right place with choice and consistency

Protect your data from threats with security solutions

Unmatched choice and
flexibility with hybrid
cloud object storage

Build your next app with IBM Cloud Lite

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