Map a cloud strategy

Business strategy consulting for enterprise cloud adoption

Cloud-enabled business model accelerator

IBM's cloud-enabled business model accelerator is a four-week engagement that helps organisations identify and prioritise new business model opportunities that can be enabled using the game-changing attributes of cloud.

The engagement follows three phases: identify, evaluate and prioritise.

Target potential cloud opportunities

During this phase, IBM experts work with you to identify cloud innovation opportunities for your business model. Our experts lead you in exploring the potential of cloud in three key areas: industry model innovation, revenue model innovation and enterprise model innovation. Drawing on our experience helping thousands of organisations adopt cloud models, we'll lead you through learning, ideation and workshop processes—all tailored to your business goals.

Industry model innovation

Businesses are using cloud to get a strategic edge on their competitors, to optimise their supply chains and to move into adjacent markets. IBM’s experts can help you analyse your industry’s value chain—including suppliers, distributors and customers—to help seek out strategic options at every juncture.


Revenue model innovation

Cloud enables new pricing models and value propositions to customers. IBM experts will analyse opportunities where cloud can open possibilities for innovative pricing, payer and packaging strategies, such as:


Enterprise model innovation

Delivering enterprise services with cloud can enable businesses to concentrate more on their core competencies and collaborate better with partners and suppliers to deliver non-core services. IBM’s experts will help you identify opportunities to use cloud to better collaborate with external stakeholders, changing the boundaries of your organisation's work.


Evaluate your organization’s opportunities

Apply rigorous analysis to each opportunity

Once you've identified areas of opportunity for your organisation, IBM's experienced cloud consultants will help you evaluate the potential impact of each cloud-based opportunity.

Overall opportunity attractiveness

SOE Image - Overall opportunity attractiveness

Synergy with internal capabilities

SOE Image - Synergy with internal capabilities

We score opportunities based on weighted analysis of their overall potential and their alignment with your existing internal capabilities

In this engagement phase, each opportunity is evaluated through a series of questions, such as:

Prioritise your opportunities to achieve maximum business benefit

Determine which opportunities provide the highest strategic value

Many business leaders struggle with how best to allocate resources for the greatest benefit. In the third and final phase of the engagement, we use the information gathered in the first two phases to compare the relative merits of each idea and help you prioritise a plan of action, focusing on 2 - 4 solid areas of pursuit.


At the conclusion of phase three, your collaboration with the IBM consulting team yields this 'short list' of the most strategically valuable cloud opportunities. Amongst our deliverables is a detailed report containing a summary of the strategic and financial analyses, operating model impacts, technology requirements and partnering and collaboration opportunities related to each cloud business model opportunity identified.


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