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Cloud enables innovators to outperform the competition

Innovation correlates strongly with outperformance...
Leading innovators comprised 20% of the market

of the S&P Global
1200 in 2012*

* In 2012, the top 50 innovators made up only 4% of the S&P Global 1200—yet they earned 20% of the market capitalisation.

The top 10 of those companies outperformed, even through the past five years' market stagnation*

* From 2008 to 2012, the CAGR of the SAP Global 1200's top ten innovators was 7%—while the average of the S&P Global 1200 was -1%.

...and leaders who specifically
converge business strategy
and technology are
outdistancing their competitors.

Cloud helps companies explore new ideas and business models

Cloud's power to
strategically transform business
is top-of-mind for
CEOs today...

ranking even higher than cost containment

How important are the following objectives for adopting cloud?

  • Increased collaboration with external partners62%
  • Competitive cost advantages through vertical integration57%
  • New delivery channels and markets56%
  • New or enhanced revenue streams54%
  • Competitive differentiation through specialisation51%

Aggregate percentage of responses: 'Important' or 'Very important'

By moving to the cloud model, you can ... focus on exploring big, new ideas that lead to better products, services and business results.
John Dillon, CEO for Engine Yard
“How You Can Use The Cloud For Rapid-Fire Innovation,",
CIO Network blog guest post, 30 April 2012


Cloud adoption is accelerating rapidly

Based on a 2011 survey about cloud-enabled business models conducted by the IBM Institute
for Business Value and the Economist Intelligence Unit.


The number of companies
intending to ‘substantially
adopt’ cloud is expected to
TRIPLE from 2011 to 2014


expect some form
of adoption within
three years

A Saugatuck Technology survey found that 78%
of respondents expect strong cloud adoption by 2015—
an anticipated growth rate of 116% over two years¹

36% 64% 78% 22%

¹Summary Topline Data Report: "2013 Global Cloud Business Adoption, Trends, and Planning Positions," 27 June 2013


IBM has helped thousands of organisations innovate with cloud and manages millions of cloud-based transactions every day

Clients consider IBM the most capable of all firms at challenging corporate culture, delivering value, creating innovation, and providing functional or technical insights and competence.
IDC MarketScape
Asia/Pacific Business Consulting Services Vendor Report 2013


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