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Business strategy consulting for enterprise cloud adoption

Navigating your course: IBM's point of view

There is no one-size-fits all formula for extracting the most business benefits from cloud, but there are sound methodologies for strategically approaching decisions about how to put cloud to work for your organisation.

IBM cloud experts help you chart a course to a cloud business strategy by taking into account your organisation's unique context. We consider your overall enterprise vision and strategy, risk profile and competitive landscape, along with information about which cloud enablers best map to your goals.

Assessing this data, we help you identify the right approach, right now, for cloud adoption in your organisation. Employing robust mapping strategies such as these before you begin your adoption journey can be a critical factor in ensuring long-term success with cloud.

We model three adoption approaches:



Use the cloud to incrementally enhance their customer value propositions while improving their organisation's efficiency.

  • -What does a 'cloud optimiser' look like?
    An acclaimed, multi-campus university created a virtual computing lab on the cloud. As a result, they have made quantum improvements in how they provision computers throughout the entire university system. Managing resources on the cloud gives them far better accessibility, efficiency and convenience than their previous methods.



Significantly extend their customer value propositions, creating new revenue streams. They may transform their role within their industry or expand into other industries.

  • -What does a 'cloud innovator' look like?
    A large global manufacturing enterprise conducts cloud-based scientific analyses of their product and marketing designs to predict impact and determine effectiveness. Cloud enabled them to integrate with a global network of designers and move beyond their traditional target markets into new customer segments that include brand owners, marketing professionals and creative designers.



Create radically different value propositions and generate new customer needs and segments. They may redefine their existing industries or create entirely new ones.

  • -What does a 'cloud disruptor' look like?
    A top provider of entertainment, information and communications products and services, including cable TV and broadband Internet, piloted a next-generation cloud-based TV platform that aims to revolutionise the way people watch TV. Using a cloud-based system to deliver live TV service directly to any Internet-connected device and offer customers content tailored to their specific needs and devices, they created a radically different customer value proposition.
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