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Cloud business enablers

Whether your cloud strategy calls for you to become a consumer of cloud or a provider of a cloud-based offering, you'll want to consider how to mobilise the six key cloud business enablers:


Business scalability

By moving operations to the cloud, you can cost-effectively scale your business up or down as needed.

  • -Use Case: Organisation meets fluctuating demand for streaming videos, affordably
    A company with a large streaming-video library available on demand to subscribers needed to ensure they could support customer demand, especially during peak usage periods. Using cloud, company officials were able to rapidly scale-up their business without having to buy, support and operate the infrastructure and resources needed to meet their changing requirements. Moving to the cloud has enabled the company to reduce technical debt and optimise their products and services, using best practices.


Context-driven variability

With cloud, you can cost-effectively gather, store and analyse large amounts of information about customers’ behaviour and preferences to help customise products and services based on an individual’s immediate context.

  • -Use case: 'Intelligent assistant' makes user interactions more personal
    A large technology company developed a natural language 'intelligent assistant' that interacts with people through their smartphones. Using the computing capabilities and capacity of cloud, this intelligent assistant understands questions phrased in multiple ways, grasps the context and returns relevant information by vocalising or displaying text. The product has been hailed as the first of a new type of technology experience that relies on context to create a more personal, intimate interaction.
  • -Delivering business value with IBM SmartCloud
    Watch Learn how cloud’s capabilities help business rethink how it delivers value and innovate to create a more relevant, personalised customer experience.


Masked complexity

Cloud provides a way for you to offer sophisticated products and services, while keeping some of the intricacies 'hidden' in the background.

  • -Use case: Global print technology company lets customers print easily from any mobile device
    Enabling users to submit print requests from any mobile device, without their needing to install drivers or even understand the process required a fair bit of behind-the-scenes programming and processing for one large print technology company. Using cloud, the company created a platform that hides the complexity of the task from the user—and saves the company time and money by reducing configuration requirements and maintenance issues.


Market adaptability

Cloud can help you react quickly to changing market requirements. You can rapidly prototype more easily to increase innovation, improve development and deployment processes, and accelerate time to market.

  • -Use case: Cloud television platform gives consumers what they want, faster
    An IT services company offers a cloud-based television platform that allows content providers and distributors to react immediately to changing consumer demand and deliver what their customers want. Using the platform service, cable, Internet and satellite TV providers can create and deliver interactive, on-demand content dynamically to consumers on any device. Additionally, content providers, TV programmers and web content developers can quickly and easily create, change and deploy applications for their users.
  • -Stay nimble to adapt to customers’ needs
    Watch See how moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud can help speed products and services to market and align valuable resources to focus on innovation.


Ecosystem connectivity

Cloud makes internal and external collaboration easier for business partners and customers throughout a business’ ecosystem, helping promote productivity and innovation.

  • -Use case: Cloud-based healthcare solution connects healthcare organisations for better outcomes
    A healthcare technology company created a cloud-based healthcare solution for hospitals, clinics, insurance providers, pharmacies and diagnostic centres to help them collaborate better and seamlessly share information within the healthcare ecosystem. Today, the solution connects more than 1,100 hospitals and 10,000 doctors. Using cloud, the company helps those throughout the ecosystem to increase efficiency, deliver quality health care at a lower cost and drive better health outcomes.
  • -Connect to the global ecosystem to grow your business
    Watch See how cloud helps break down conventional silos to create unprecedented opportunities to forge strategic connections and improve capabilities.


Cost flexibility

Managed cloud solutions operate on a pay-per-use model—so you pay only for what you need, when you need it.

  • -Use case: Company boosts its analytics power—every night
    The operators of an online marketplace for buying and selling handmade goods rely on buyer-preference analytics to make accurate and timely product recommendations to their customers. To help define their recommendations, company officials rent hundreds of cloud-based computers every night to analyse data from a billion views on its website. The cost flexibility of cloud gives the midsize company affordable access to tools and computing power that previously only the largest retailers could afford.
  • -Build innovation within your business for less
    Watch See how cloud computing is transforming the economics of innovation by moving computing infrastructure to the cloud—and reducing fixed IT investment.
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