How IBM Cloud technology helps shoppers navigate gift giving

Getting to the mall through traffic to shop for gifts can be a struggle, but so can figuring out what to buy once you arrive. Using IBM Bluemix and Watson, San Francisco’s Westfield Centre offers shoppers guidance, helping them select the perfect present.

A cognitive app installed in an on-premises kiosk enables:

  • Shoppers to find gifts suited to their loved ones using data in the cloud and personality profiles
  • Retailers to better connect with customers using that data
  • Interactive touch points throughout the mall

During the 2015 holiday shopping season, Westfield reached an average of 370 customers per day with the app and boasted an 11% conversion rate.

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The changing face of retail

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Using apps built on IBM Bluemix, get to the “dark data” so you can get to know your customers better and they can get a better idea of what you have to offer.

IBM's Cognitive Retail Experience


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