Featured case studies

Man and woman at a kitchen counter, representing the use of cognitive and cloud technologies to study healthier indoor spaces

Delos researchers are working to design healthier buildings using cognitive and cloud to discover connections between indoor spaces and human health.

Lady in India sitting by an ocean using her mobile device, representing the use of APIs to build banking mobile services.

YES BANK builds an API ecosystem to extend its market reach by providing new mobile services to millions of unbanked citizens in India.

Image of a furniture store mobile app developed on IBM Cloud.

Bernhardt Furniture transforms its sales process in 10 weeks by building a virtual showroom app that uses a microservices architecture and API infrastructure.

Aerial view of businessman using a computer, representing the use IBM Cloud infrastructure services

EVRY meets demand for cloud infrastructure services and expands global reach using cloud technology and expertise from IBM.

Family playing a video game, representing the use of IBM Cloud for gaming infrastructure

GameFly Streaming confidently provides gaming services to users worldwide with the low-latency delivery and on-demand capacity of IBM Cloud.

Deutsche Lufthansa airplane representing a case study on using a cognitive chat bot to help customers find flights and prices.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG elevates service levels and controls costs with cognitive chat bot that helps customers find the right flights at the best price.

High school game design students in front of a computer using IBM Cloud and cognitive capabilities.

With IBM Watson® and IBM Bluemix®, high school game design students turn Minecraft into a learning tool.

Runner holding his mobile device with app that helps him train for ultramarathons

A blind ultramarathon runner trains with Runkeeper app developed on the IBM Cloud.

Female shopper looking at her mobile device with an app that helps with shopping decisions

Westfield Mall helps shoppers make better choices with intelligent app built on the IBM Cloud.

Softbank helps robots to think like humans using Watson and IBM Cloud.

Softbank helps robots to think like humans using Watson and IBM Cloud.

Gamifo logo

Startup Gamifo Ltd. uses Bluemix to build innovative mobile marketing app.

SilverHook logo

SilverHook Boats uses IBM Internet of Things and Bluemix to deliver an enhanced fan experience.