IBM, Intel and HyTrust announce IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization.

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization

See how IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization simplifies compliance & security demands for organizations in highly regulated industries

Ensure virtualized resources remain secure

For organizations that need or want to move workloads to the cloud but may be experiencing anxiety over protecting valuable data, IBM Cloud, Intel and HyTrust have joined forces to create a combined and automated security and compliance solution.

IBM Cloud secure virtualization is a solution stack that combines the power of IBM Bluemix bare metal servers and VMware Cloud Foundation, and reinforced with HyTrust security software and Intel TXT-enabled hardware.

In addition to enhanced security, the solution provides the ability to utilize automation — from deployment to ongoing management — to support security policies and meet regulatory or industry compliance requirements through continuous monitoring and real-time reporting.

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization provides workload security, compliance readiness and encryption capabilities down to the microchip level.

Data sovereignty compliance

New government regulations on data sovereignty threaten to complicate the cloud delivery model, presenting new concerns for companies that operate in multiple countries.

Audit risk reduction

Solution offers continuous monitoring and real-time compliance reporting for major standards to provide auditors with streamlined proof of meeting requirements.

Security control capabilities

IT leaders are seeking ways to identify enterprise-ready cloud services that support various use cases, locate where sensitive data is housed, audit how sensitive data is handled, and protect sensitive data from loss.

The collaboration between IBM Bluemix, Intel and HyTrust has created a solution that enables leading concepts — such as geo-fencing and trusted compute tools — and powerful new use cases

Authorized workload deployment

Intel TXT allows for evaluation of component integrity in the boot and launch environment (ex. BIOS, OS Loader and Virtual Machine Managers).

Differentiated benefits

Geo-fencing data at the hardware/microchip level provides clients with more control over where their data can or cannot be moved.

Sense of security

Clients need to protect sensitive information like intellectual property, formulas, financial data, etc., and are afraid, reluctant or unable to move workloads to the cloud, due to data security concerns and the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance. This solution promotes a sense of security.

“This solution has direct applicability to challenges associated with a wide range of regulatory environments in general, and the looming European Union GDPR data geo-fencing legal mandate in particular."

– Chris Krueger, Principal, Cloud & Virtualization, Coalfire Systems
A leading provider of cyber security advisory & assessment services

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