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With Watson on Bluemix, you have access to the widest range of cognitive technologies available today to quickly and securely build smart applications. From analyzing images and video to understanding sentiment, keywords and entities from text, our Watson services enable cognitive within your applications.

Watson is so much more when it comes to cognitive computing. Natural Language Understanding, Visual Recognition, and Discovery reveal insights from unstructured data capable of reinventing operations and transforming industries.


Tap into unstructured data

Watson processes key insights, patterns, and relationships across unstructured images, emails, social media, and more.


Improve decisions based on real-time trends

Reveal valuable insights from social trends in real time with the solutions integrating Natural Language Classifier.


Quickly and securely build truly cognitive applications

Watson Conversation lets you speed time to market and create better customer experiences by understanding and responding to customers.

Bring the power of Watson and Bluemix to your app

Jump-start your cognitive app development with an array of software development kits, code examples, and tooling created for developers, by developers.


Give your apps the ability to interact with your customers in place of a call center or other outdated end-user interface. Watson combines a number of cognitive techniques to help you build and train your bot by defining intents and crafting dialogue to simulate conversation. Common applications include virtual agents and chat bots that can fully integrate and communicate on any channel or device.

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Speech to Text

Speech to Text service converts the human voice into the written word. Machine intelligence enables this service to combine grammar and language information to accurately transcribe meetings and conference calls, add voice control to embedded systems, and dictate email and notes.

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