Run your IT systems where you want, and combine them where it makes sense

Hybrid cloud brings an architected solution to systems integration, so you can focus your efforts on integrating business components to create your unique business solution and not get bogged down in the gritty details of one-off systems integration. IBM Bluemix is available in Local, Dedicated, and Public and offers a suite of instant-on services, including Watson, Data Analytics, and Mobile Services.

Hybrid cloud is about choice

Increased business agility

Empower your enterprise to dynamically innovate with new services and create new business models.

Bluemix: Taking a deep dive

Greater service innovation

Help your entire enterprise collaborate on value creation, speeding innovation, and reducing time to market.

Building your hybrid cloud

Faster, more accurate decision-making

Combine analytics with the cloud and compete in new ways, by revealing hidden trends and correlations in data.

Learn about the flexibility hybrid cloud solutions bring to enterprises and startups alike

Hybrid cloud delivers value in three critical areas

While hybrid was once thought of as a strictly a cost savings measure, today it’s evolved as a key component of innovation. It allows your organization to integrate applications, data, and services, manage workloads, and make data and applications portable. Simply stated, hybrid has the capability to drive the rate and pace of change in your modern IT organizations.

Hybrid cloud delivers value in three critical areas

Leverage secure enterprise systems of record, simplify application delivery, and enjoy faster time to market

Instant-on services

Instant-on services like cognitive and data analytics.

Integration by design

Connectivity and authentication among your cloud and on-premises resources is baked into the solution.

Hundreds of services, on demand

Use natural language services, ambiguous data analytics, and hundreds of advanced services—all on demand.

Secure Gateway and API Connect

Securely access on-premises systems from the cloud at network level and suite of API-level controls.

Take a look at the architecture for Bluemix Local, Dedicated, Public, and hybrid deployments

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