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Collaborate in teams across functions to access all trusted data and best-in-class technologies



Use multiple analytics technologies to learn from the data and quickly get new answers for the business



Deliver new insights to the business quickly, and continuously improve them through rapid iteration

Make smarter decisions

The Watson Data Platform provides data, analytics services, and tools on the IBM Cloud. It features embedded intelligence capabilities through machine learning.

Combine Watson APIs and Watson Data Platform to speed analysis and reveal insights.

Decode social conversations using Spark and Watson

Learn how to build a Spark Streaming app with Watson Tone Analyzer to track how a conversation is trending on Twitter or predict future events based on a trove of existing data

Success stories


Emory University Hospital

Learn how Emory University Hospital is using IBM Streams to collect and analyze intensive care unit patient data speeding the delivery of lifesaving insight by 95%. The outcome is better care while cutting costs.


SETI Institute

The SETI Institute has traditionally focused on real-time detection of narrow band radio signals using custom systems installed at the Allen Telescope Array. Now, with IBM’s help, the Institute is expanding its search to include large-scale analysis of its 10-year archives, wide-band signal processing, and new long-duration observations.



BlocPower is a startup based in New York City. Its technology and finance platform develops clean energy projects in American inner cities. Powered by IBM Data Science Experience, BlocPower performed a comprehensive energy audit of each property to determine the correct mix of high-efficiency technology to reduce each customer's energy consumption.

Pick the right analytics service for your cognitive app

Each IBM analytics service can be deployed in the cloud, on-prem, or in a hybrid environment. Watson Data Platform solutions allows you to easily analyze the data stored in Bluemix and build machine learning models that can be deployed in cognitive applications.

IBM Data Science Experience

IBM Data Science Experience is a new cloud- based, social workspace that helps data professionals consolidate, create and collaborate across multiple open source tools such as R and Python.

IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop

IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop is a quick, flexible and performance option to spin up and scale Hadoop and Spark clusters.

Streaming Analytics

IBM Streaming Analytics is a Bluemix service enabling developers to run Streams apps in the Cloud by themselves or in combination with other Bluemix services.

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark is a reliable, easy-to-use, and open managed service.

IBM Watson Machine Learning Service

IBM Watson Machine Learning is Built on IBM's proven analytics platform, making it easy for developers and data scientists to make smarter decisions, solve tough problems, and improve user outcomes.

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