Automatically add or remove resources to match the current workload

When traffic spikes, expand your cloud infrastructure footprint to keep your site running in the fast lane, and spin servers down when the rush subsides. Automatically. With Auto Scale, your environment grows or shrinks on demand to meet your needs in real time.

Identify usage-based or scheduled-based triggers for your cloud environment, and Auto Scale will do the heavy lifting. When one of those triggers is activated, we’ll add or remove the virtual servers you’ve designated. Only pay for the resources you need, when you need them.


Stay focused

Focus on your business and stop worrying about scaling your environment up and down.


Save money

Meet demand, and pay for what you use without keeping (and paying for) underutilized capacity.


Be consistent

Deliver an optimal user experience at all times regardless of the volume of traffic or amount of resource usage.

Example use cases

Frequent infrastructure changes

When your cloud infrastructure frequently grows and shrinks based on a certain schedule or a certain level of resource usage, you can automate that process and allow your techs to focus on other business priorities.

Application with variable resource usage

When CPU load and bandwidth volume vary significantly for your web application, you want to have the resources to meet the peak levels of usage, but you don’t want to pay for those resources unless you’re using them.

Weekly website traffic spikes

Your social networking website has consistent resource usage during the weekdays, but over the weekend, website traffic spikes. Add two servers on Friday night to meet demand and spin them down on Monday morning to save money.

E-commerce product blowout

Your e-commerce website is built on cloud servers that can sustain normal traffic. But when you run limited-time product specials that bring in a flood of users, your standard environment can’t keep up with the resource demands, so you need to scale out resources.

How does it work?

Scaling a cloud environment is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Different situations and different workloads require tailor-made solutions to efficiently and adequately grow or shrink.

Sometimes, resource usage spikes are scheduled like clockwork:

  • Your traffic and weather mobile application gets an influx of traffic at 6 a.m. Monday thru Friday
  • Your online banking app serves ten times the number of requests on the 1st and 15th of the month as users check their balance on paydays.

In these instances, you can set a schedule-based Auto Scale policy to add additional servers between a designated time slot and designated day.

In other cases, it’s impossible to predict when resource usage will spike:

  • One of your users posts a viral video of their puppy, and your site gets inundated with traffic
  • Your online store was featured in a news article about the best places to shop online, and everyone who saw the article is trying to shop at the same time

To prevent your users from experiencing dial-up like speeds, you can set resource-based Auto Scale policies. When bandwidth or CPU utilization on your servers crosses a certain threshold for 10 minutes, you want to spin up additional virtual servers to accommodate the traffic. When traffic eases up, those additional resources are scaled back down, and your environment returns to its regularly scheduled program.

IBM Cloudant

Get started with Auto Scale

Customize Auto Scale based on your needs so you never lift a finger again to deploy additional or cancel unneeded virtual servers. In the Customer Portal, you’ll complete three simple steps:

  1. Define a Group: Determine which servers you would like to scale in which data centers.
  2. Set a Policy: Establish rules for adding and removing virtual servers from your environment.
  3. Define a Trigger: Create schedule- or usage-based triggers that provision or deprovision virtual servers based on your policies.

Once you save your Auto Scale configuration, your environment will immediately start right sizing itself based on the parameters you set. With Auto Scale, you’ll never exhaust your cloud resources again, and you’ll only pay for the servers you use when you use them.