Performance and scalability built for your enterprise's needs

Some customers prefer to configure their big data infrastructures from the ground up. If that’s you, you’re in the right place. IBM Bluemix has the servers and services you need to do just that.

Create a custom big data infrastructure solution at IBM Bluemix, and your application can leverage the exact amount of performance and scalability you want from our servers and advanced network.

Bare Metal Power

Bare Metal Power

Avoid the performance costs of shared hardware in virtual systems.



The predictable performance of bare metal lets you plan ahead to scale as your operations grow.

Higher Scalability

Higher Scalability

Scale up, out, in, or down on demand, with two to four hour deployment and pay-as-you-go pricing.


Choose from bare metal or virtual servers, ready to configure with the memory and storage options ideal for your solution. Use bare metal or virtual servers as management servers, storage servers, processing servers, and more.


Seamlessly integrate or geographically diversify your big data nodes, clusters, or shards around the world.


Handle large workloads and data volumes by scaling out on demand. Add new hardware with the latest processors without having to reconfigure your solution. Expand storage capacity as you need it.


Install the software of your choosing. We have options for MongoDB, Riak, and Cloudera Hadoop that can be installed prior to deployment, or you can install your software of choice whenever you like.

To learn more about building your own big data solution, chat with a member of our sales team.

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Start Building

No hard hat needed.

Building a multi-server big data solution is simple. Decide which bare metal servers you want to serve as the foundation of your solution, and configure them with the hard drives and RAM you need. Submit your order, and your servers will be online and ready for you in 2-4 hours. You'll have direct access to install your choice of applications or operating systems with which you'll manage your big data environment.