Infrastructure operations made easy.

Manage your Bluemix infrastructure through a single set of controls via API, Web portal, or mobile application.

Controls that make even the most difficult tasks easy.



The customer portal gives you total access to your infrastructure.



Streamline and automate tasks through our comprehensive API.



Both customer portal and API access use SSL.

IBM Cloudant

Bluemix Infrastructure API

Open, comprehensive.

Our API provides system-to-system access through more than 2200 documented methods across 180 distinct services. Supports SOAP and XML-RPC interfaces and full integrates with third-party and customer applications.

IBM Cloudant

Customer Portal

Control everything in your Bluemix infrastructure from one place.

With the customer portal you completely manage your account and infrastructure. Through 200 services you control everything for your virtual and bare metal servers.

  • View performance details or bandwidth graphs, use ping to test network availability, turn a server on/off or reboot.
  • Add new servers, change or reset your password, add new account users, change billing methods.
  • Deploy servers, firewalls, backup methods and schedules.
  • Get support in real-time through chat, tickets, tutorials and other documentation.

The customer portal is built on our robust API. If you have your own portal or server control system, you can integrate any of our portal features into your own system using our API as well.

IBM Cloudant

Mobile Applications

Keep access to your cloud in your pocket.

Our mobile app keeps you connected and in control of your tickets, alerts, virtual or bare metal servers, bandwidth, and content stored in Object Storage. View account invoices and make one-time payments. View maintenance schedules.

Download The Bluemix Mobile application for use on iOS Devices and Android.