Product details

Adaptable storage for evolving business needs

IBM Cloud Object Storage is a web-scale unstructured data storage service, designed for high durability, resiliency and security. Store and access your data from anywhere in the world via our self-service portal and APIs. Get enterprise availability and security with cloud economics and scale. Pay only for what you use. Developers can leverage IBM Cloud Object Storage with their applications, or integrate with other IBM® Bluemix® services, including analytics, compute and cognitive services.

Key Advantages


Use for backup, archiving, and multimedia content repositories, or store unstructured data for analytics, IoT, social, cognitive and mobile applications.

Always-on availability

Choose a level of resiliency that’s right for you by storing data in cross region or regional IBM Cloud data centers.

Simple pricing

Pay only for what you use. Multiple storage classes to suit your workload type. Price cap for dynamic access workload.


Get up and running fast

Rapidly provision your IBM Cloud Object Storage service. The intuitive Console lets you create a cloud object storage account and deploy buckets within minutes. Get started for free with the Lite Plan, that includes 25GB of storage at no cost.

Durable and reliable data storage

IBM's Cloud Object Storage is designed to provide data durability of 99.999999999%. Data is sliced, and slices are dispersed across multiple devices in multiple facilities to provide high resiliency. High data durability is maintained by built-in integrity checking and self-repair capabilities.

Regional and Cross Region resiliency

Select the best resiliency options for your data workload:

  • Regional: Data is stored automatically in multiple IBM Cloud data centers within a single geographic region, providing high data durability and availability.
  • Cross-Region: Data is stored automatically in IBM Cloud data centers across three geographic regions, helping ensure business continuity and workload data accessibility across multiple regions.

Protect and Secure your Data

Data is automatically protected at rest using serve side encryption and data in motion is secured using carrier-grade TLS/SSL.

Identity Access Management
Gain additional control over your data with role based policies and use IBM Identity and Access Manager (IAM) to set object storage bucket level permissions for users and applications.

Flexible storage classes for every workload

Choose storage classes for frequently accessed data, occasionally accessed data and long-term data retention with Standard, Vault and Cold Vault. Or, choose Flex class for dynamic data access needs that fluctuate month to month.

RESTful APIs and SDKs

IBM Cloud Object Storage offers support for a common set of S3 compatible API functions for programmatic access and SDKs are available for Java, Node.js and Python with support for Identity Access and Management (IAM) permissions.

Intuitive Management console

Access and manage your storage using the Bluemix Console. Quickly create buckets, upload and download objects and see usage details. You can view service endpoints and manage user credentials as well as IBM Bluemix service connections.

Service Plans

IBM Cloud Object Storage Lite Plan Details

Free Lite plan for evaluation and development. Includes 25GB of Free storage capacity per month. No credit card required. Seamlessly upgrade to our paid plan as your data storage needs grow.

  • One service instance
  • Up to 25GB /month of Storage Capacity
  • 2,000 PUT requests per month
  • 20,000 GET requests per month

IBM Cloud Object Storage Standard Plan

The paid Standard Plan is a monthly subscription plan. Provision a Cloud Object Storage instance and create and manage buckets based on your data storage and access needs. Scale as needed and pay only for what you use.

  • OPEX monthly billing model
  • Scale up and down as needed
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Choose desired resiliency and storage class

Use Cases

IBM Cloud Object Storage is the ideal storage choice for a wide range of uses cases. Use for data backup and recovery, as a data archive, a content repository, or use as scalable cloud storage for analytics, and cloud native applications.

Data Lake for Analytics

Use as a centralized data repository that holds vast amounts of raw or refined data in native format until it is accessed. Data lakes are increasingly being used for analytics and AI services like the Watson Data Platform.

Cloud-native storage

Applications easily access a virtually unlimited pool of storage with immediate consistency of all your operations, simplifying app development.

Secure and protected archive

Gain a complete set of storage services for archiving small or large amounts of data. Choose from multiple storage classes options.

File services and collaboration

Centralize data and enable local, remote and cloud access using a user-friendly cloud-enabled file system. Facilitate global file sharing for simplified collaboration.

Data protection, backup and restore

Modernize your data protection environment by using Cloud Object Storage as a secure, scalable and durable storage target.

Multi-purpose data repository

Reduce complexity and costs with one globally accessible, secure and protected data repository. This repository serves one or more applications and content types offering multiple storage class options for your workloads.

Data Transfer

Choose from network-optimized or physical disk-based to move data into Cloud Object Storage.

Mass Data Migration

Accelerates the secure movement of large amounts of data into the IBM Cloud using rugged, high capacity portable storage devices

Aspera Transfer Service

Transfer large data sets to and from Cloud Object Storage securely, reliably and at maximum speed over your existing WAN infrastructure.

Get started

Put your data to work. Easily provision a Cloud Object Storage instance and bucket in minutes. Cloud Object Storage is always free on the Lite Plan. With the paid Standard Plan, you can create and manage buckets based on your data storage and access needs. Pay only for what you use.