Focus on new ideas.
Not cloud storage.

Stop sacrificing IT efficiency and say hello to IBM Bluemix cloud storage. We deliver block and file storage with mass servers and backup options, and a selection of public object storage approaches that work for you. Take advantage of shared space with Bluemix virtual and bare metal servers around the globe, plus unlimited access to our entire portfolio of Bluemix services.

Our broadest cloud storage portfolio, ever

Big storage. Fast storage. Attached storage. Unlimited storage. Choose the model that suits you best.

A leader in the enterprise cloud arena

We support power players around the world, like SAP, Microsoft, TenCent, AT&T, Workday, and Intel.

Simplified scaling and efficiency

Scale up or down on demand, with little or no service interruption—all easily managed by you or our team of experts.

Massive global footprint

Give your data a shortcut by deploying Bluemix cloud storage in locations around the world.

Block Storage

Tailor every feature in your volume set, right down to dedicated IOPS with block-level SAN storage.

File Storage

Supplement your cloud infrastructure with industry leading file-level NAS storage.

Object Storage

Solve colossal unstructured data challenges with petabyte-scale and beyond storage solutions from Bluemix and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Mass Storage Servers

Design your own SAN/NAS mass storage beast with turnkey, custom storage appliances and servers for your mission-critical data.

Backup Storage

Keep identical copies of your most valuable assets with smart disaster recovery solutions.

Content Delivery Network

Give your data storage solutions longer reach through seamless integration with our Content Delivery Network.

Unlike many cloud providers that offer only virtual machines, Bluemix offers bare metal servers and high-end block storage along with virtual machines. This gives us great flexibility for performance and deployment.

Ruslan Synytsky
CEO, Jelastic

Our business is unique, and the infrastructure Bluemix provides us is ideal for meeting the dynamic requirements of our company.

Jodee Rich
Founder, PeopleBrowsr

We chose Softlayer based on its established track record and mature business processes, which is something that is very important to us.

Sunny Gupta
Communications Manager for

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