Data can never be too close

The IBM Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) enables fast access and low latency of requested content around the globe. Avoid network traffic jams and enable fast data delivery, all while bringing content closest to where you need it most – your users. Experience efficient delivery, flexible demand and usage, and protection from security threats, unpredictable performance and other regional delivery challenges of doing business online with IBM Cloud CDN.

Cost-effective turbo boost

Cost-effective turbo boost

Meet user demand leveraging pay-as-you-go bandwidth.

Worry free scaling

Best-of-breed performance

Populate and scale nodes based on regional demand and resource usage.

Trustworthy security

Simple configuration

Access hassle-free tools for content management and monetization.

Bandwidth Pricing – IBM Cloud CDN with Akamai
Rates shown in US dollars (USD) for North America.

Bandwidth Pricing $0.085/GB $0.05/GB $0.04/GB $0.025/GB $0.02/GB
CDN Bandwidth First 10 TB 10 – 250 TB 250 – 500 TB 500 TB – 3 PB Greater than 3 PB

IBM Cloud CDN powered by Akamai

We’ve partnered with Akamai, a best-of-breed CDN provider, to create one of the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery networks. Take advantage of superior web/mobile performance and video delivery solutions – all underpinned by exceptional customer service and 24/7 monitoring. You can count on our partnership to support and maximize your business outcomes each step of the way.

IBM Cloud and Verizon Digital Media Services content distribution network global footprint