"IBM technology is far more robust and varying in what it offers, and IBM has a specific roadmap for continuing to develop cognitive offerings. IBM is also willing to really partner with us and guide us in our journey."

- Marc Dispensa, CTO, Equals 3

Access Cloud Technologies


Bluemix solution

What our partners say

Knowledge is power

Cloud expert? Beginner? Receive customized training for IBM Bluemix.

"Bluemix has enabled cloud capability for fast and easy application deployment and management for a seamless, insightful, efficient and customer-centric portal, reducing development time by an estimated 80 percent."

- Chris Loake, CIO, Close Brothers

Achieve technical certifications

Certify your skills. Accelerate your career. Build cloud competencies with Cloud and Bluemix technical certifications.

"With Bluemix tools now available, when you want to integrate a new service into your platform, about 75 percent of the coding effort has been done for you already. Practically anyone, even someone with fairly basic programming skills, can work in Bluemix."

- Joseph Remesar, CEO, Mobile ID

Accelerate development

Use Bluemix service credits to accelerate your solution development. Your PartnerWorld status determines the amount of service credits, ranging from $1,200/ year to $6,000/year.

"The IBM Bluemix solution accelerates interpretation and reporting by up to 50 percent, enabling us to scale up our product portfolio by a factor of 20."

- Samuel Myllykangas, CTO, Blueprint Genetics

Get help

Build your cloud competencies with the IBM Business Partner Solution Hubs – onsite and remote training and assistance all part of a network of technology hubs.

“We were able to build a completely new tracking and tracing system from the ground up within a one-month timeframe – without IBM Cloud Data Services this would have been impossible to achieve. The Bluemix platform is incredible flexible and all the tools and services we needed were already embedded in the platform.”

- Joseph Remesar, CEO, Mobile ID

Drive Demand


Bluemix solution

What our partners say

Expand your markets

Leverage IBM’s global footprint for local impact to your business. IBM’s global Cloud data centers help you expand your product to geographic locations important to your business. IBM’s local resources will help you market and sell your solutions.

“The requirements for our technological architecture to support a global service were crystal clear: we needed the “real cloud,” a true, global cloud solution in which multiple data centers in several remote geographies virtually act as one pool of resources and are capable of elastically provisioning bare metal infrastructure. Today, IBM Bluemix is the only provider capable of providing us with this service.”

- Kurt Florus, CTO, Bluebee

Align with industry GTM

Cloud customers demand solutions specific to their industries. Learn about IBM Cloud industry specific solutions and expand your routes to market.

“With the IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier service running on IBM Bluemix technology, we provide anonymous data to different players in the health industry and help government organizations shape public policy by giving them insight into what people want to know about their health.”

- Javier Cardona, CEO, IDOC3

Co-brand and market your solutions

Increase brand visibility with IBM and Bluemix. Use the IBM Business Partner Mark.

“Even as a relatively small startup, our search for the right partner ended with a large, key player in the industry. From the beginning, we were focused on an unwavering goal: a global, competitive, state-of-the-art and secure solution for genomics analytics. Our aspirations and the ability of IBM to provide and support a multifaceted solution allowed us to form a truly strategic, successful partnership.”

- Kurt Florus, CTO, Bluebee

Make Money

Select your business model

Cloud Solution Providers
Accelerate delivery of your innovative solutions with the IBM Cloud Solutions Provider program.

Solution Partner
Apply for an IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) to receive volume discounts and more.

Ready for IBM Cloud
Validate your solution, participate in the Solutions Guide, leverage the Ready For mark and become eligible to participate in POCs and sandboxes.



Service Providers
Sell in Bluemix Catalog. Become a Bluemix service provider.

Reseller Program
Cloud servers don’t just sell themselves.

Referral Program
Connect customers with reliable hosting and earn monthly commissions.

Join a unique program designed to connect startups to IBM’s global ecosystem of clients, partners, business leaders and enterprisegrade technology. Learn more about IBM Global Entrepreneur Program.

“With its new focus on cloud solutions and initiatives like the Global Entrepreneur Program, IBM has become a wonderful partner for startups—not only from a technology perspective, but also as a commercial organization that can leverage its global reputation and resources to help bring your solution to a wider market.”

- David Patterson, Founder & Director, KnowNow Information

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