Case study

Nanigans provisioned bare metal and virtual servers in IBM Cloud data centers around the globe to host their industry-leading online advertising solution.


Online advertising efforts are moving in-house, making cloud hosting solutions a tremendous asset.


A panel of subject matter experts tackle and solve what matters to you when applying cloud infrastructure to your ad tech challenges.

DataXu gets digital marketing done on IBM Cloud

DataXu co-founder and CTO Dr. Bill Simmons discusses why they built their marketing software platform on IBM Cloud’s bare metal infrastructure

Exceed the speed and volume demands of ad tech transactions

IBM Cloud infrastructure provides peak compute, storage and network performance, and consistency to reliably process high volumes of ad traffic quickly.

Speed and volume drive ad tech

Focus on your apps and services

Infrastructure performance

Maximize performance by choosing the right infrastructure for your ad platform

Extend your infrastructure

Network performance

Allow data to flow freely with 10+ Gbps network uplinks

User administration

Machine learning and cognitive

Get the competitive advantage with smarter ad platforms

Where milliseconds matter: An ad tech solution guide

Additional tips and best practices for ad tech companies to maximize their cloud infrastructure performance.