Create and deploy your applications in the cloud

Build your app in minutes using the runtime of your choice, including Node.js, Java, PHP, Swift, Ruby, and more. Bluemix is the home of more than 130 unique services, including offerings like IBM Watson and Starter apps are pre-configured and can be easily modify to your needs.

Ready-made products and solutions

Focus on your apps and services

From virtual servers to server-less

Bluemix enables teams to choose the right compute model for the right workload. Whether you’re working on an application with OS access requirements or a stateless, high-volume web app or API, Bluemix offers compute services for nearly any workload.

Extend your infrastructure

Build stunning mobile apps

Go from idea to reality faster with mobile backend infrastructure, powerful app management, and insights into app usage. Unlock the potential for more immersive user engagement by adding intelligence into your mobile experience.

User administration

Data and analytics

Every member of your team — developers, IT architects, and data scientists — gets access to the most complete, integrated portfolio of data and analytics tools anywhere. You stay focused on creating new apps, we’ll keep your data running 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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Focus on your apps and services

Scalable apps and APIs

Power your apps and workloads with compute spanning from high-abstraction to high-control.

Extend your infrastructure

Leverage existing IT

Bluemix helps you take advantage of your existing apps, data, and processes.

User administration

Mobile backend

Build stunning mobile apps with backend infrastructure and powerful management.



Build a cognitive app on Bluemix.

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