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Simple Data Pipe

Data movement in the cloud made easy

The Simple Data Pipe allows you to connect to data behind web APIs and land it all in one staging ground in its native form using IBM Cloudant NoSQL DB. Bluemix provides prebuilt connections to data sources as well as integrations with both IBM dashDB for data warehousing and IBM Analytics for Apache Spark™ for advanced analytics processing.

Open source industry apps

IBM Ready App for Healthcare

Ready App to track personal health progress in physical therapy using HealthKit and Google Fit.

IBM Ready App for Retail

Ready App to create a contextual shopping experience based on location (using beacons) in a retail environment.

IBM Ready App for Banking

Ready App to maximize a financial institution's ability to address the mobile needs of small business owners as well as attract prospects through personalized guidance.

IBM Ready App for Insurance

Ready App that allows users to connect to a IoT sensor network within their home to manage the health of assets.

Metric Collector

A lightweight web-tracking app to record user actions on a single-page webapp. Uses Piwik® web analytics library to collect information and Node.js to store in Cloudant.

Banking and minimum viable services

New Bluemix sample app demonstrating how modern, user-centric banking apps can be built and run on Bluemix using microservice architecture.

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