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Watson APIs help you enable your apps and products with Al capabilities. Watson Data Platform provides the persistence layers to power your Al app and get the most out of your Watson services.



Pull in diverse data through streaming and batch ETL, and prepare it for analytics and operational use



Choose the storage option best suited to your data — from RDBMS to every type of NoSQL



Allow every type of user to perform the right kind of analysis



Build smarter applications with embedded intelligence

Build apps that talk back

Learn how to create a chatbot that provides recipe suggestions and instructions using the Watson Conversation Service and the IBM Cloudant database service within Watson Data Platform.
Total time: 30-60 minutes

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Find the right
database for your app

The right databases are empowering, the wrong databases are limiting. Each IBM-hosted database can be deployed in the cloud, on premises or in a hybrid environment. All Watson Data Platform solutions take just minutes to set up and connect to your data. Strong security (2FA, SSL, encryption), multi-node replication, high availability, auto-scaling, failover, backups, database logs, user permissions and roles, and many more features come standard with most offerings.


IBM Cloudant

Cloudant is a fully managed document store designed for modern web and mobile applications that leverages a flexible JSON schema.

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Compose for MongoDB

MongoDB has led the field of document databases with its powerful indexing and querying, aggregation, and wide driver support.

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Compose for Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch combines the power of a full-text search engine with the indexing strength of a JSON document database, for rich data analysis on large volumes of data.

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Compose for RethinkDB

RethinkDB is a document-based, distributed database with an admin console that lets you browse the data, configure the cluster and inspect its performance.

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Compose for Redis

Redis is a blazingly fast, open-source key/value store. On "Compose", Redis is pre-tuned for high availability and locked down with additional security features.

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Compose for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source, object-relational database that is highly customizable. With JSON support, it’s the best of both the SQL and NoSQL worlds.

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Compose for etcd

This key/value store holds the always-correct data you need to coordinate and manage your distributed server cluster.

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Compose for RabbitMQ

Asynchronously route, track and queue messages between your applications and databases. Customize persistence levels, adjust delivery settings and publish confirmations.

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Compose for MySQL

MySQL is the relational database that's powered some of the biggest websites for 20 years. Recently, the database has added functionality to support JSON datasets.

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Compose for ScyllaDB

Hyper-fast, drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra that boasts 1M transactions sec/node. You can use it with your favorite run times.

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IBM Graph

IBM Graph

IBM Graph is a scalable graph database optimized for storing and querying highly-interconnected data or graphs, containing hundreds of billions of vertices and edges distributed across a multimachine cluster.

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Customer success


Interloop built its sales-execution platform in the cloud on Watson and Compose for MongoDB. Watson leverages the data in MongoDB to provide better recommendations and a faster user experience.

Campus Discounts

Campus Discounts offers students around the world a simple way to discover great deals close to them. It uses Watson to provide intelligent audio search and a chatbot. Behind the scenes it's using IBM-hosted MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, MySQL and RabbitMQ.

Cloud Therapy

A powerful dose of cognitive cloud analytics helps Cloud Therapy accelerate diagnosis of rare diseases to improve patient outcomes. Cloud Therapy is harnessing cognitiveanalytics in the cloud through the IBM Cloudant and Watson Natural Language Classifier.

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