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It’s easy to choose a combination of services that application developers, data scientists and data engineers can use to complement your existing architecture and compose a business solution.

Apps with artificial intelligence

Watson APIs help you infuse your apps and products with AI capabilities, and Watson Data Platform provides the persistence layers to power them.

Cognitive-assisted machine learning

Watson Data Platform provides user-specific tools and data and analytic services on the IBM Cloud.

Featured services



A fully managed document store designed for modern web and mobile applications that leverages a flexible JSON schema.

Data Science Experience

Data Science Experience

A new workspace that helps data professionals consolidate, create and collaborate across multiple open source tools, such as R and Python.

The New Builders Podcast

Today’s apps are central to decision-making at all levels of society. The New Builders podcast features interviews with the innovators behind these apps, in which they reveal their best practices, latest projects and favorite tools.

Watson Data Lab

Discover articles from IBM developer advocates about persisting data from Watson APIs, developing Offline First apps, collaborating via data science notebooks, building tools to make IBM’s data platform more productive, and more.

Field Guide to the World of Modern Data Stores

This guide lays out the various database options and analytic solutions available to meet your app’s unique needs. See how data can move across databases and development languages, so you can work in your favorite environment, without friction or productivity loss.

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