Liberate your data and APIs with Bluemix

Integration services give you a range of powerful composable services for securely connecting to data and services wherever they reside. You can quickly and easily connect to a range of endpoints and can expose and manage these as APIs for use and reuse within your applications. In-flow data cleansing and movement helps ensure that your applications see only what's relevant and accurate.

Introducing API Connect

Introducing API Connect

APIs are an essential element of both building microservices and enabling developers to leverage existing IT in new cloud applications. API Connect provides tools and capabilities across the complete lifecycle of an API. It enables developers to create and run APIs, manage them on an ongoing basis and enforce policy inclusive of security, scale, and rate limits.

Secure Gateway

Developing your application in the cloud shouldn't mean starting from scratch. APIs and data are critical to building new applications, and you probably have plenty of each. Grab the Secure Gateway service and try out this short bit of code to connect your Bluemix app to your local database.

// Create a new Bluemix Secure Gateway instance which will automatically
// generate the passport token needed to take control of the remote client
// to establish secure connectivity from Bluemix to a remote destination
// with near zero configuration.
curl -x POST
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"
     -d "{"desc":"Gateway to Data Center"}"${ORG_ID}&space_id=${SPACE_ID}

// Add one or more destination configurations to your gateway instance,
// specifying the protocol of choice and the necessary security parameters.
curl -x POST
     -H "Authorization: Bearer ${API_KEY}"
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"
     -d "{"desc":"DB2", "ip":"db2server","port:"50000", "tls":"mutualauth"}"

// Poll the connection status to understand the clients connected state
// and monitoring status to understand how much bandwidth your application
// is using.
curl -x GET
     -H "Authorization: Bearer ${API_KEY}"

// Require the Secure Gateway JavaScript module. Default the initial options
// including API Key or username and password. Each Gateway instance has
// an associated API Key, username is required to create new Gateways using the
// SDK. All other operations require the API Key only.

var sgl = require('bluemix-secure-gateway').defaults({
    apiKey: '<API Key/Passport>',
    username: '<bluemix username>',
    password: '<bluemix password>'

// Get an existing Secure Gateway instance using the configuration ID presented
// in the Service UI
sql.getGateway (<configuration_id>, function (err,gateway) {
    // Retrieve an existing Destination and use the Host and Port information to
    // to connect to this remote destination
    gateway.getDestination ('<destination_id>', function (err, destination) {

        // Current Host and Port will dynamically point to the appropriate
        // Host and Port when running locally or in Bluemix allowing the App
        // to run locally and in Bluemix without code modification

Service Discovery

Service Discovery has a major advantage over other solutions as it allows you to start building your own microservices without the hassle and worry of having to maintain your own service registry. Other solutions require you to setup and maintain their software within your environment manually. Service Discovery allows Bluemix users all the benefits of using microservices today at no cost.

Service Discovery

Service Proxy

Service Proxy helps manage your microservices without adding to your work. Service Proxy builds on the ease of registration and query built in Service Discovery. The recipes will take the guesswork out of when you will cause a specific failure and can also help you route failure testing to dedicated failure testing microservice instances. This will significantly harden your microservices to failure, balancing them, and tracking their performance.

Service Proxy


The best data doesn't start out amazing. Sometimes it needs a bit of help. Connect to your data, whether it is on your local network or in the cloud. Shape it and optimize it to be just the way you need for your app, and then host it on Bluemix.

Case study

Bay Area Rapid Transit

If any part of BART’s transit system fails on a weekday, 400,000 San Francisco Bay Area passengers’ plans are in peril. These passengers expect nothing less than 100-percent on-time performance every day. BART’s maintenance reliability information system is mission-critical, and is used by supervisors and engineers to monitor the status of cars in 44 stations and over 100 miles of track in four counties. However, the system wasn't mobile, while most of BART’s workforce is. Mobile system management was needed to provide better response to maintenance issues and to improve customer service.

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