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Identify, design and build the right application to deliver measurable business outcomes on IBM Bluemix.

We start with your disruptive idea, define the simplest application that will realize the idea, jointly experiment and design the application build it on IBM Bluemix, integrate with your existing platform and scale out the solution.

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Expand the value of your current IT assets by bringing them to the cloud.

Connect with what you have, migrate or move applications to hybrid cloud. Let us help you choose your target deployment model—Public, Local or Dedicated. Empower your Bluemix Local or Dedicated platform by integrating existing services and systems of record (SoR) into your private Bluemix catalog. Setup DevOps pipeline for your Bluemix Local or Dedicated environment to enable rapid application delivery.

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Increase operations flexibility and streamline cloud operations.

Adopt the right Operations practice for cloud by identifying the organizational roles, processes, skills, integrations, and tools necessary to build Cloud applications with Service Management in mind. Get the right information to the right place, at the right time, for optimal Service Management on Bluemix, Hybrid and traditional IT Operations.

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Accelerate your organization’s transformation to Cloud by upgrading your skills and adopting best practices.

Expand your team’s capability through Bluemix Garage Academy. Learn how to implement the IBM Bluemix Garage Method for rapid application development or build proficiency in integrating and migrating applications on IBM Bluemix. Scale with Microservices re-architecture and transform your entire development culture for design-led agile best practices on Cloud.

Connect with your customers and transform your industry

At IBM Bluemix Garage, our approach brings together IBM Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile and Extreme Programming to help you transform your industry. We will help you:

  • Create personas and user stories to understand pain points
  • Prioritize backlogs to deliver the minimum viable product
  • Build user experience prototypes
  • Deliver incremental value and validate with sponsor users
The right practices to execute and scale fast

Running blind

IBM Bluemix Garage helps blind marathoner Simon Wheatcroft, who carried the torch at the 2012 Olympics, tackle some of the most challenging courses in the world

There was a 40% improvement in development time. That translates into financial savings, and also makes this a new opportunity, because it probably wouldn't be possible if it were going to cost more.

Nigel Hook President, SilverHook Powerboats

Bluemix [is] the core of our innovation platform so that we can rapidly deploy and test applications both with our partners and with our consumers to deliver the best innovation experience possible.

Charlie Larkin Senior Director, GameStop Technology Institute

Bluemix transformed our business and has given new levels of power to our customers.

Neil Mulkern Business Development Director, Pay Per Pulse Ltd.

By integrating with Bluemix, we can cut development times significantly, and we no longer need to care about issues like scaling.

Robin Hrassnigg CEO, Diabetizer

IBM Bluemix Garage locations around the world

San Francisco

543 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

New York

315 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013


DMZ - Ryerson University
10 Dundas Street East
6th Floor
Toronto, ON M5B 2G9


119 Nueces Street
Austin, TX 78701


CEEI-Bluemix Garage
Nice Premium
61 Avenue Simone Veil
06200 Nice, France


WeWork Moorgate
1 Fore Street
London, UK EC2Y 9DT


Carlton Connect
1st Floor
333 Exhibition Street
Melbourne, Australia VIC 3000


Watson Centre at Marina Bay
10 Marina Boulevard
MBFC Tower 2, 42 Floor
Singapore 018983


IBM Headquarters
19-21 Nihonbashi, Hakozaki-cho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8510

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Adam Williams
User Experience Designer
San Francisco Garage

“You know the workshop is going well when people are jumping up to the whiteboard or they grab a marker and they’re excited to start writing something down. Generally, I think when you’re in the Garage that attitude comes across. People get ready to work together.”

Jocelyne Dittmer
Senior Designer and Design Lead
London Garage

“What’s most exciting about my role is just that diversity of different types of projects, engagements and challenges that we’re solving. I’m particularly passionate about healthcare projects, or ones where you feel like you’re really making a difference and are having a larger impact on people.”

Johnson Liu
New York City Garage

“The funny thing is that there’s no typical day in the Garage. I’ve worked in a traditional IBM office but in the Garage literally every day is so different. In college, I went to an IBM networking event, and I thought it was cool that IBM was trying to tackle these big real-world problems. I joined a company that has a long history and a distinct set of values. The people at IBM that I’ve interacted with have been very friendly &emdash; honest and open. I wanted to put my work toward something that would actually help real-world problems in the end.”

Tim Crowley
Software Developer

“I love to work with other developers, get their creative minds flowing and introduce them to a new technique of working with the Garage Method. By the end of the project, it’s almost a little tough to say goodbye because you’ve built something that’s inspiring to them It’s exciting to see clients’ eyes light up in the immediacy of knowing rather than working on this project for two years they could work on this project for two weeks and see an incremental, as we call it, a ‘minimum viable product’ out and accessible to customers.”

Rick Goldberg
Lead Garage Designer
Toronto Garage

“Design at the Garage is about innovation and helping our clients think differently about a problem. That involves technology, but isn't defined by it. Using IBM Design Thinking, we get the clients to think about problems in new and exciting ways, leading to innovative solutions that provide real value for the client and their users.”

Holly Cummins
Technical Lead
London Garage

"It's really important to me that I'm involved at the hands-on level. We do a lot of pair programming in London. We really like pair programming with our customers and when that's not possible, we pair program as a team and that ensures that we share skills through the team. It means that I'm able to share some of those skills that I've got because of my seniority with the rest of the team, but then it's a two-way thing. So I'm always picking up skills from the rest of the team as well."

Krissi Xenakis
New York City Garage

"I work on everything from initial contact with clients to helping them understand what type of use case would be great for them to bring to the Garage. Then, once they bring that use case to the Garage, I’ll lead a Design Thinking Workshop to help them understand what they could build to support that use case. And then from there I’ll actually work with our developers and Architecture Team to actually design and do the MVP build. That’s not just pushing pixels, but the full user experience &emdash; user testing and all of the best processes that go into digital product design."

Franck Boudinet
Solution Architect
Nice Garage

“With Design Thinking and the Garage Methodology, we can quickly deliver something that is innovative. We can get feedback and we can pivot, and we end up having something that they like. It’s this combination of speed and end results which makes the customer happy. We have several customers who return for a second project or sometimes a third.”

Alan Lim
Practice Manager
Singapore Garage

“I love when clients challenge us to think differently and challenge the perception that we have. It also gives us opportunity because we need feedback to learn and grow. It’s that feedback and the ability to respond that gives us the opportunity for growth, to be more effective in what we do. I think that’s exciting.”

Arthur Proestakis
Solution Architect
Melbourne Garage

“One of the things which is a breath of fresh air to me as a traditional architect is the whole notion of Design Thinking and uses in a design. When we conduct Design Thinking workshops, we get these folks in the room and spend two days where design is solely done through our design thinking method. We elicit all the pain points, capture customer needs, and focus the rest of the development process on the highest-value pain points.”

Christopher San Soucie
Leader WW Garage Strategy
Special Programs & European Delivery

“Further, what inspires me personally each day is the caliber of the global Garage team members. The passion and creative thought they bring to each workshop, each development iteration, and each client interaction is deep-seated in their overall drive for our customers’ success. Being a part of this style of consulting practice is the gift that keeps giving.”

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