Control your cloud security strategy by controlling access

Firewalls are an important initial step in securing your cloud environment and the information stored in it, as well as preventing malicious activity from ever reaching your servers or end users. When added to your security strategy, hardware and software firewall options ensure uptime, protect your servers and network, and give you greater control of your infrastructure's protection settings.


On demand

Provision on the fly without interrupting your service.


Total control

Retain complete control of your firewall settings via API or web portal.


Wide selection

Accommodate your security needs with options from 10Mbps to 2,000Mbps.

Available firewall options

Hardware firewall

10Mbps to 2,000Mbps protection for single servers provisioned on demand without service interruptions.

Dedicated hardware firewall

1Gbps protection for servers that share the same VLAN, provisioned on demand without service interruptions.

High availability firewall

Redundant 1Gbps protection with a secondary firewall for failover protection and automatic fallback.

Fortigate® Security Appliance

This high performance, enterprise-class appliance gives you complete, granular control over advanced firewall and security with high availability options.

Vyatta Gateway Appliances

Create and manage virtual routers, firewalls, and VPN devices through user-defined parameters.