A development team wants to actually code, right?

Only IBM Container Service provides a native Kubernetes experience that's secure, easy to use, removes the distractions related to managing your clusters, and extends the power of your apps with Watson and other cloud services, binding them with Kubernetes Secrets. It applies pervasive security intelligence to your entire DevOps pipeline by automatically scanning Docker images and live containers for vulnerabilities and malware, leveraging IBM's X-Force Exchange.


In a detailed demo, developer advocates create and configure a cluster, deploy an app to it, and then answer your questions.


Get the code and work through the steps of deploying an app into production on a distributed cluster.

What it does:

Simplifies setup by letting you design your own cluster(s).

Fully manages highly available Kubernetes clusters while you build apps.

Automatically balances load within a container cluster to increase app performance.

Auto-scales and recovers containers based on defined policies.

Provides a comprehensive view and analysis of each container cluster’s performance, making efficiencies possible and improvements easy to identify.

Uses Kubernetes Secrets to bind to over 160 cloud services including Watson APIs, blockchain, data analytics, and the Internet of Things.

Stay focused on developing and iterating apps —
while always being ready to push code.

Watson Platform Services team stands-up workloads on Kubernetes.

Why use the Kubernetes service on Bluemix?

It’s completely built from the Kubernetes APIs for a single, consistent experience, even when working across different cloud infrastructures.

Streamlined native Kubernetes user experience

Easy to get started — with CLI or dashboard — deploying and managing both clusters and cloud-native apps.

Vulnerability Advisor

Manage security compliance — scanning each layer in every Docker image hosted within the private registry and all live containers.

Cognitive, DevOps, Internet of Things & blockchain

Choose from a catalog of 160+ production-ready services.

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