Accelerate your business.
Improve your bottom line.

Are you getting pressure to streamline workloads to maximize profit? Over- and under-provisioned resources can slow down your business and cause unnecessary expenses. Complex cloud environments can have multiple, wide-ranging needs, making it difficult to build the infrastructure required to make your business run smoothly. From compute-intensive workloads and applications to big data and analytics, IBM Bluemix infrastructure offers powerful and robust hardware to meet any requirement and budget.

Provision servers on demand

Provision servers on demand

Deploy a bare metal or virtual server in minutes. Customize a bare metal server in 2–4 hours.


Choose your server type

Use server images on both bare metal and virtual servers by quickly cloning and reloading servers with our automated Flex Images technology.


Integrate with your systems

All of our services are integrated to optimize performance and management.

Extend your on-premises data centers

Extend your on-premises data centers

Create, deploy, and manage servers on their own or in a hybrid cloud.

Up to 8.7x better performance

Wide-ranging workload performance

Experience unmatched performance with our powerful bare metal servers. Develop, test, and run Linux applications with POWER8. Solve complex problems faster and consume less power than traditional CPUs with our monthly or hourly GPU bare metal servers. When you need to scale quickly, add flexibility to that power with virtual servers.