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1DOC3 uses IBM Cloud/Watson cognitive services to improve Latin American healthcare.


Advansolar's rechargeable electric bicycle rental service runs on Bluemix platform.

12Ambi Labs

Ambi Labs turned to IBM to host and support its cognitive climate-control platform.


Artomatix uses IBM Cloud technology and bare metal servers to ramp up game design.

12At Point of Care

With IBM Watson APIs, At Point of Care gives doctors better access to medical data.

4Avnet Services

IBM Bluemix takes the worry and cost out of the backend infrastructure for Avnet Services.

12Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank now rolls out apps faster and IBM Bluemix makes it happen.

5Bernhardt Furniture

Bernhardt Furniture receives a fashion-forward transformation with IBM jStart and Bluemix.


Bitcraze builds Crazyflie drone with IBM Bluemix.


Bluebee accelerates genomics data processing on the IBM Bluemix platform.


BlueChasm hosts its new cloud-based service VideoRecon on the IBM Bluemix platform.

12Blueprint Genetics

Blueprint Genetics delivers answers faster with Watson on a Bluemix cloud solution.


BP3 helps customers accelerate innovation with IBM Cloud.


IBM Bluemix delivers scalable, cost-effective DevOps capabilities for BYTE restaurant feedback startup.


Capgemini uses IBM Bluemix and Internet of Things to stay ahead of changes.

10Chaotic Moon

Chaotic Moon teams with IBM Bluemix to deliver technology of consequence


IBM Bluemix accelerates digital banking innovation through the Citi Mobile Challenge.

12Cloud Therapy

Cloud Therapy developed its medical services on the flexible IBM Bluemix platform.

25Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School drives sustainability at Roskilde Festival using cloud data analytics

12Darwin Ecosystems

Darwin Ecosystems evolved by adding cognitive solutions to its IBM Cloud platform.


DataSkill improves productivity by 30%, leading to a 75% reduction in proofs-of-concept times.


IBM cloud technologies streamline the development of diabetes management tools.


Doctome’s medical-consult mobile app was built on an IBM Bluemix cloud environment.


EPEL-CACT guides tourists on Lanzarote Island with a mobile app hosted on IBM hybrid cloud.

12Equals 3

Equals 3’s cognitive computing solution for marketing runs on the Bluemix platform.


eyeQ speeds its go-to-market with open source, cloud-based development.

17E-Z Farm

IBM Research Africa improves food security and boosts crop yields with the Internet of Things.


FindBrok launches first-of-its-kind social network with IBM Bluemix


Gamifo uses IBM Bluemix to unlock the power of human relationships


InXero helps resellers succeed with IBM Bluemix.

16KLM Open

New application drives mobile usage rates and improves the live experience for fans

12Leads Origins

Leads Origins launched its platform in Bluemix using cloud infrastructure services.

26Living Roads

IoT on Bluemix paves the way to safer roads and reduced congestion in Nairobi.

27Mesa Technology

Mesa Technology gets faster development to the cloud with IBM Bluemix.


MutualMind helps customers act on social intelligence with IBM Cloud.


Orenda analyzes social media with IBM Watson on IBM Bluemix infrastructure.

12Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact adds muscle to manufacturing, thanks to IBM Bluemix virtual servers.


Startup Pick1 supercharges growth with Watson Analytics on IBM Bluemix.

12Planet Funk

Planet Funk united fans globally using IBM and BlueIT’s scalable hosting solution.


P.L.M.’s tracking system developed on the Bluemix platform stops freight loss.

2Poip SRL

Redefines intracompany communications with Bluemix

33Poseidon Project

Making the most of the world's water resources through smarter irrigation and Bluemix.

34SilverHook Powerboats

SilverHook Powerboats develops app 40% faster, enhancing race experience.

2Smarter Data

Helping retailers redefine practices for the digital age

2Solution Inc

Rapid big data analytics opens up new business opportunities

12Sonnet Insurance

Sonnet Insurance trusts insurance workloads to the IBM Bluemix cloud infrastructure.

35Tangerine Bank

Tangerine Bank uses IBM to enhance customers' mobile experience.


Twilio APIs + IBM Bluemix platform + IBM Watson = real-time sentiment analysis.

38United Way of Allegheny

United Way of Allegheny County engages millenial donors with IBM Bluemix


WayBlazer assists vacation planning with IBM Cloud language-processing capabilities.


Creating a unique digital experience to capture the moments that matter