The cloud built to outperform

Bluemix offers the most powerful bare metal and virtual servers to run high-intensive workloads, and an all-in-one automated platform to control everything. Check out what makes the Bluemix platform stand out from the rest.

Run your workloads on virtual or dedicated bare metal servers.


Move your data across Bluemix’s private network at no cost.

Integrated and automated

Control everything with Bluemix’s open API.

How does Bluemix compare?

Just because two cloud providers offer infrastructure as a service (IaaS), that doesn’t mean they’re the same. In fact, the competition's platform could run entirely on Bluemix.
Bluemix The competition
Data transfer

The Bluemix network

For the sake of accessibility and security, your data shouldn’t be isolated within the walls of a single data center. All Bluemix data centers are built on our 2,600-plus Gbps global network backbone to simplify data transfer between your servers across the globe. An additional 2,500-plus Gbps of public network connectivity ensures that your users can access your content or applications quickly from anywhere in the world.

No software-defined virtual networks. No isolation.

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The powerful performance you need

Bluemix doesn’t need a virtualization layer to deploy cloud resources. This innovative architecture delivers hybrid environments of virtual and bare metal resources to meet the most demanding workload’s needs.

Bluemix delivers a seamless environment where you can deploy a single-tenant bare metal server with SSD drives for your database, scale out lightweight virtual servers in multiple data centers for your web tier and have all your infrastructure communicate for free across a private network.


The competition

Infrastructure as a service


Virtualized public cloud servers take a 2 to 3 percent performance hit from the hypervisor alone.


The Bluemix global network has combined bandwidth capacity of more than 5,100 Gbps.

Integrated and automated management and support

Get automated and remote ordering, full-deployment and management of servers, plus storage and security hardware resources. Control everything with full, no-charge access to the Bluemix granular API. And when you need help, the Bluemix expert technical support team is available 24/7.

To integrate your business with Bluemix, speak with an expert advisor.

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1. Cloud providers provisioning at the public cloud level experience a 2 to 3 percent performance hit from the hypervisor. Provisioning time and performance comparisons are between competitors’ virtual instances and Bluemix hourly bare metal servers.